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  1. RJB

    RJB Well-Known Member

    Recently updated to Froyo on my TMobile Samsung Vibrant.

    It OUGHT to have Flash, but I've gone to a few sites where I've received "must have Flash installed". (Using Opera Mini)

    When I look for "Adobe" in the Market, it shows as "installed".

    Are there any particular sites you could suggest where I could test out the Flash?

    (And if "yes", what are they?)


  2. eceryda

    eceryda Member

    Try skyfire browser
  3. RJB

    RJB Well-Known Member

    That's not a site.

    (Don't understand why this thread was moved... This isn't a device-specific issue, I don't think?)
  4. mrsbelpit

    mrsbelpit Well-Known Member

    you could go to, it did not work before froyo. I works great now, smoother than I thought it would. You can also test youtube's full site from your phone, even the vids that are not "optimized for mobile" will play.
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  5. RJB

    RJB Well-Known Member "No suitable player found"
  6. mrsbelpit

    mrsbelpit Well-Known Member

    did you download the flash update from the market? You should also check your browser settings - plugins need to be enabled.
  7. robo21

    robo21 Well-Known Member

    From the Market:
    1) Download and install Flash Player 10.1
    2) Download and install Adobe Flash Showcase (for testing purposes)

    You will be good to go for Flash. ;)
  8. RJB

    RJB Well-Known Member

    will try test showcase.

  9. Zorlac

    Zorlac Well-Known Member

    I think you need adobe AIR, because I NEVER installed the 10.1 option from the market and my flashplayer works on every site I've tried, even the ADOBE SHOWCASE APP from the market...
  10. mdtolic

    mdtolic Well-Known Member

    Strange. With just Flashplayer 10.1 installed you should be fine. You'll also be notified of updates. AIR is a really big app too. I wouldn't want that on my phone unless I needed to use it.

    Try the Monoface site as a FLASH test.
  11. RJB

    RJB Well-Known Member

    When I click on the "Monoface" link you posted, I just get a white screen.

    I DLed AIR, and it doesn't even show up in my "Applications" screen (although when I went to the Market to check on the download, it showed "installed").

    When I launch Adobe Showcase App, it comes back with "We're sorry, but your device does not support Adobe Flash Player software. To view this content, visit from a desktop computer".


    Just tried loading Showcase using the resident browser - NOT Opera - and it worked fine.

    So I guess the issue is... "Why doesn't Opera play nice with Flash?". We'll save that for a different discussion...
  12. CTown

    CTown Member

    Are you positive you have Adobe Flash by Adobe installed, silly question I know. Sometimes I start downloading an application and find out later it never installed at all...WHY? Plus, there are flash players in the Market (technically flash is a standard...sort of like html and the millions of available web browsers) Also, you cannot open Adobe Air as it is a runtime (sort of like Java), meaning applications can run on it but it does not have an interface of its own and does not need a icon in the app draw!

    If that does not work try flashing to a different custom ROM, they usually come with Adobe Flash (make sure you update it first if you can).
  13. RJB

    RJB Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm sure. Success with the stock browser and not Opera indicates Opera doesn't play nice with Adobe Flash yet.

    Thanks, all.
  14. mdtolic

    mdtolic Well-Known Member

    I bet you're running Opera Mini - and that might not support Flash.
  15. eceryda

    eceryda Member

    thats why I brought it up. Some browsers dont support flash, and I should know because that is what I was running on my vibrant and couldnt get vids to work. So i switched to Skyfire and it worked for me. I didnt need the flash player plugin either from the market
  16. RJB

    RJB Well-Known Member

    How much you wanna bet?
  17. paulkruger

    paulkruger Member

    I have Optimus V / Cyanogen mod, rooted.

    If I try to install Flash 11 from market is says not compatible with my device. I downloaded and successfully ( I think ) installed Flash 11 from an APK file. It appears to be installed okay, having replaced earlier Flash 10.

    I cannot seem to find any definitive means to test it however. I went to and in Dolphin brower can view videos just fine. Someone suggested Skyfire browser which I tried but that gives me error saying I don't have Flash installed. It does play in it's own video player however, though that is limited to 3-day trial.

    I deleted Skyfire as I saw no reason to keep another browser.

    Now that Flash 11 seems to be installed I can no longer even find it listed in marketplace?

    I tried to test it in a couple of video chat sites that use Flash and no button to start those even displays on the page?

    Is there some site to actually test Flash on Android? Adobe site is of no use because it just says it is not installed, then sends me to Market place.
  18. luvduchovny

    luvduchovny Well-Known Member

    Oh... RJB,

    If I recall Opera mini does not work well with flash, but Opera Mobile does.

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