situation: Currently Nexus One + T-mobile = Nexus 4?

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  1. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

    I'm out of contract. I'm very interested in the Nexus 4. I pay $88.13 per month for 500 min plan + unlimited data, but I only talk about 70 minutes on average, and average 500 mb data.

    Seems like a ripoff to buy Nexus 4 from T-mobile directly. And I visit Japan for months at a time (where my Nexus One worked great), and I don't want a 2 year contract renewal.

    I'm reading about $30/ prepaid from T-mobile, and that sounds perfect for me. I have to order online? I have to get a card at Walmart?? Sometime about cutting the sim so it fits too? Can't I get a SIM that fits to begin with?

    I checked at a T-mobile store some months ago, and if I went prepaid, I can't keep my number (even though I'm with T-mobile contract now). Workaround? Could I use another carriers plan to port to them first, then after a month, switch to the t-mo prepaid? Who else would be a good carrier?

    Can I tether? I sometimes do this on my Nexus One.

    What's my best play here? Thanks in advance.

  2. eljefe0000

    eljefe0000 Well-Known Member

    the $30 5gb plan is for new activations only not for current customers i use it with groove ip and its pretty much unlimited tak text and the 5gb of data which last month i didnt even get to 3gb
  3. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    The $30 plan is for new customers only; what that means for you is that you will need to buy a new SIM card and create a T-Mobile Monthly account. The cheapest way to get the new SIM card is to buy the SIM Card Activation Kit from T-Mobile's website. It costs $0.99 and typically arrives in a week or less. Previously, they only offered a Standard SIM, which is why there are threads about cutting it, but they now also offer a Micro SIM Kit.

    When you are ready to activate your new Nexus, you need to first try to activate the SIM online (it is a Walmart and Online only plan). If you have any issues during the activation process, you will get a phone number that you can call to activate the phone -- just make sure they understand you want the "Walmart" plan and not the $30 plan with no data.

    Others here have reported that, after activating their phone, they've been able to call in and get their T-Mobile postpaid phone number transferred to T-Mobile prepaid. You might also look into Google Voice to port your current number to. It has the advantage that, if you quit T-Mobile for a few months while in Japan, and because of this you have to get a new cell number, it gives you a way to keep the same number despite the current number on your cell phone.
  4. phw8558

    phw8558 Well-Known Member

    How is it using groove ip? Does it use your same number for calls?
  5. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    You can port your number to Google Voice, then just set up the Google Voice app on your new phone to always use google voice to make calls, and set up your new phone number as your forwarding number on Google Voice.

    Then you would keep the same number no matter what phone you ever get on any carrier.

    Then just sign up for new prepaid service.
  6. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    GrooveIP uses Google Voice to make and receive phone calls, so it uses your Google Voice phone number. Personally, I use my Google Voice number as my "phone number" that I give out. I also have Google Voice on my Nexus (using the app) to make the phone calls from the phone, even if GrooveIP isn't running.

    And to explain, quickly, if you don't have GrooveIP running it still uses your cell minutes. The best way to explain is that Google Voice is essentially a call forwarding service, so the cell phone is making the call but "forwarding" the call through Google Apps. One of the advantages of this is that, at home, I have my Google Voice calls also routed to my home phone -- both phones will ring. Despite being a "forwarded" call, both phones still show the caller ID of the person calling.

    One last note: GrooveIP currently does not work on Android 4.2 -- I've contacted them and they claim they will release an update that fixes this problem in the next couple of days.
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  7. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    surprisingly, Google Voice doesn't work quite right either. I expect that to be fixed very quickly for obvious reasons.
  8. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    I haven't noticed an issue. What problem are you having?

    Edit, never mind, found this. Guess I hadn't used the phone enough tonight to have the problem yet.
  9. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

    Thanks everyone!

    Can I use GrooveIP in other countries, as long I have a data connection? That would really rock.

    Thanks for clarifying the SIM size, and the plan. I tried to buy a N4 today, but no luck. I got to thinking, why do I even have my current plan still? I should have dumped it for any prepaid, bring your own device last spring when it expired. I'm thinking I may try Sign Up, Log In, or Learn More | Solavei on my Nexus One. I think I can port my number there, then eventually over to T-mobile prepaid. Any rumors of discontinuing the t-mo $30 plan?

    Point noted some have said t-mobile has ported number from contract to prepaid.

    Point noted about porting number to Google voice. In the past, T-mobile will suspend service up to 3 months. If I should need a longer time, then porting to google voice is a great idea. I would like to keep my cell number as my cell number though. Occationally, my cell won't ring using Google voice (out in the boonies) but my real number will. I'd rather not give out another number in those situations. I already have a Google voice account and that's the number I give out (and I have my landlines, cell ring).
  10. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    GrooveIP only advertises as working in the US and Canada. Additionally, Google Voice charges for International calls, even if you could find a way to get GrooveIP to work, so the calls would not be free.

    Solavei is an MLM for mobile service, including a fee to join ($49), so I'm not sure it would save you money short term. You might consider Straight Talk for $45/month which allows you to bring your own phone; they give you a choice between T-Mobile's and AT&T's towers (based on which SIM you buy). You can also often find codes to get the SIM card discounted or free (latest I've seen is "SIMSAVE") at checkout. There are also a few other GSM mobile prepaid carriers that let you bring your own phone.
  11. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

    Groove IP page in G Play says calls to US and Canada. If my IP packets are coming from outside of there, Groove or Google drops it maybe?

    I'll nix Solavei, just so I don't have to deal with MLM, thanks. They do waive first month of service in a promo. At the Straight Talk site I see a Walmart logo. ST is different than the $30 Walmart T-mobile prepaid? Confusing. Since T-mobile coverage isn't great in my neighborhood (I rely on landline), I would not mind trying Straight Talk on ATT's network. I could port to ST, then port to T-mobile prepaid a month later for the $30 deal, right?

    If ATT turns out poorly, it's not a big deal to me for a month. I really need off my $88 post paid t-mobile ASAP.
  12. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    Straight Talk is a subsidiary of TracFone, and I don't think they are related to Walmart, other than Walmart being the retailer that sells the most Straight Talk phones. Straight Talk has contracts with both AT&T and T-Mobile for the use of their mobile networks. From what I understand, one advantage of this is that they allow voice-only roaming on both networks. So, since you don't have great T-Mobile coverage at your home, even with the T-Mobile SIM you could still get calls over AT&T (just may not have a data connection).

    T-Mobile's $30 plan is offered by T-Mobile Monthly, which is wholly owned by T-Mobile. They just have a contract with Walmart, making Walmart the only retailer that can offer the $30 plan. Walmart doesn't have anything to do with the service, outside of their mobile department being able to activate phones that are sold in their stores.

    In any case, yes, you can move to Straight Talk for a month and then switch over to T-Mobile monthly. That is the advantage of prepaid providers, the ability to switch with no notice or cancellation fees for any reason.
  13. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

    Well, I ordered "AT&T Compatible SIM + Unlimited Plan" and used the promo code "SIMSAVE" (thanks!). Shipping was also free. 3 day shipping means delivery Monday. They didn't ask about porting my number. Only ask for "a" phone number in my billing/shipping address. ToC mentioned some situations allow for port-in, but no further details. Hope that works out. I should only cancel my old service after the number ports, I assume. And I would expect the act of porting should in effect cancel the old service, and I would only really confirm this with T-mobile (post plan) soon after a successful port.
  14. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

  15. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

    According to

    JunKO's Junk: How To: Use GrooVe IP & Google Voice to Make & Receive Free Calls to the US

    you can use GrooveIP anywhere. GroveIP website also states you can use "anywhere" if call is between US/Canada.

    Blogger's mention of VPN is unclear if the VPN is only with Gvoice w/o GrooveIP. Or you need VPN in any case?
  16. bob60626

    bob60626 Well-Known Member

    I was not able to call a US number with my US Google Voice number from Germany, fwiw.
  17. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

    You couldn't make calls using GrooveIP? i.e. In what manner were you using Google Voice?

    When I was in Japan, I couldn't log into my Google Voice page from any web browser. I could however check voicemail and texts on my Nexus One via the Voice app. I, of course, couldn't make Google Voice calls from it. I wasn't aware of GrooveIP so I can't comment how it would have worked.
  18. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

    Switch update: Got my Straight Talk SIM today. I'm glad I didn't expedite shipping because, I entered a new billing cycle about a week ago on my existing plan. So around Dec 6 I'll activate my new SIM and port. And about a month after that, I'll probably port to the T-mobile $30 prepaid plan. I suppose I can buy that SIM soon before the Straight Talk runs out.

    Man, I almost wasted 3 weeks of post paid service by porting today, if I hadn't called T-mo to confirm account details. Like $60 worth! I'm just excited to try the new service. Is there any way to get out of my remainder of this billing cycle? They said no way. If you port your number, you will be responsible for all usage and Charges through the end of your current billing cycle.

    Also when T-mo customer support asked me why I wanted to change service providers, I talked about always having poor reception in my neighborhood, and they recommend I swap out my current "legacy" SIM at a local store (I got it with my Dash years ago). I'm skeptical, since parts of town I currently get like 4 Mbit download speed, but it won't cost me anything to try, so I'll report back on that later. Who knows, maybe I'll get access to more towers.

    It occurs to me...SIM size. What a pain in the neck. What kind of space savings are we really getting? Other reasons for micro? But I digress...I don't know when I'll get my hands on a Nexus 4 (micro SIM). I need a regular SIM for my current Nexus One. When I swap out my "legacy" SIM today to see if reception is better, I'll ask if they have a cutter if I switch phones or plans later.
  19. bob60626

    bob60626 Well-Known Member

    I couldn't call through Groove IP on either my SGP or my OV.
  20. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

    Improvements are swapping SIM today (no service changes). My Google Voice forwarding is working properly now. I got errors before during setup, or version upgrades. Speeds do seem faster. Using's app:

    Old SIM
    at home
    "Umts", 408 kbps down, 445 kbps up, 136 ms
    at tmo store
    "Umts", 1676 kbps down, 1054 kbps up, 833 ms

    New SIM
    at home
    "Hsdpa", 2714 kbps down, 1027 kbps up, 122 ms
    at tmo store
    "Hsdpa", 4211 kbps down, 1552 kbps up, 100 ms

    Glad to have better performance, however disappointed with T-mobile for not being proactive in alerting when new SIM cards need to be distributed. :(
  21. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

  22. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    That is just a prepaid card to add $30 to your T-Mobile account. It isn't needed for the $30/month plan.

    What you will need is a T-Mobile Monthly SIM Kit. The cheapest place to get that is from the T-Mobile website, though you can also get them from T-Mobile stores (typically are around $10 in the store). Once you have the card and are ready to activate, just activate online and have a method ready to add money to your T-Mobile account (prepaid card or credit card).
  23. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

    I did reread your original reply, but I'm still unclear on where online you activate. Is that apparent after receiving the SIM you linked to? Thank for indicating the cheapest way to order it, and all your help, by the way.
  24. pcrequest

    pcrequest Member

  25. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

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