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  1. wholocks

    wholocks New Member

    I've had trouble finding wallpapers or themes that fit on the live with walkman. The screen res is not the same as the wallpaper size, which is confusing. Where does everyone get their wallpapers from, or alternatively, what size in pixels do wallpapers have to be (if I knew then I would make my own!)


    HSRBNR Active Member

    Try wallpaper apps from market like zedge, picspeed, wallbase, backgrounds box HD. Or if you want the resolution, then its aspect ratio must be 4:3 e.g. 640*480, 800*600, or more.
  3. tincho

    tincho Member


    The reason for the wallpaper and the screen to have different resolution is that the wallpaper is not fixed. When you scroll through homescreens, the background will scroll too.
  4. ayaznoor

    ayaznoor Well-Known Member

    wallpapers for LwW are of resolution 960x800. copy a pic of this size and then you can set it as wallpaper without cropping

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