Skinomi Carbon Fiber w/ Multimedia Docking StationAccessories

  1. prodigalknight187

    prodigalknight187 New Member

    I just bought my Droid X and multimedia docking station. (note: the docking station is a great accessory and worth every penny in my opinion)

    with that being said, i was wondering if anyone knows whether or not the:

    "Skinomi TechSkin - Silver Carbon Fiber Skin Protector Shield Full Body + Screen Protector for Motorola Droid X + LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS by Skinomi"...

    ..would allow me to still comfortably dock my phone into the multimedia station.

  2. jcage89

    jcage89 Member

    Don't know about the Skinomi, but that skin looks an awful lot like the Phantom Skin CF I bought and mine fits in the dock fine witht on. See picture in my post here...
  3. ctxx24

    ctxx24 Well-Known Member

    yes they mine yesterday and it fits just fine looks great to...just a hint leave the front off like jcage89...i put it on and took it off...

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