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SkyDroid Golf: Great deal for a golf caddy app.

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  1. oneniner

    oneniner Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 2, 2009
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    I found this app from the developer mentioning it on the forums and I had to give it a try for the price. I'm too cheap to try the expensive ones, but this is great compared to the $40 a year you may pay for competitors. My 2 favorite courses had already been added, but I added another course and it was pretty quick and simple.

    You can search for available courses from the website before you get the app, you can even add your own course if it's not there using the simple web interface over Google Maps. You can watch the quick tutorial and add the points of interest. Then you download your courses to the phone inside the app. And once you're on the course the app works just like the in-cart systems I have used before, but actually have more detail, like distances to bunkers and over water hazards if they are added.


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