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Skyfire Black Screen After Uninstalling Stock Browser.

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  1. Leogorath

    Leogorath Member

    Not sure if this has been asked before (didn't see a thread on it, anyway), but...

    I uninstalled Android's default browser (Browser.apk) after reading from this post that it was safe, as long as another browser was installed.

    Afterward, Dolphin and Opera seem to work fine (although I hate Opera, but that's another story). Skyfire, however, just comes up to a black screen, and doesn't do anything else until I decide to exit.

    Is Skyfire just an overlay of features onto the stock browser, or could something else have disabled it?

    Also, is there a place/way I can re-download/re-install the stock browser? I mean, I guess I could re-flash my ROM, but that seems a bit excessive.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. thebals

    thebals New Member

    I am having the same issue. I am running Fresh Hero 2.4. I thought it was cause of a conflict between Skyrire and the custom ROM, but seems like it is because I uninstalled the stock browser.
  3. Leogorath

    Leogorath Member

    Yeah... I just wound up moving on to Dolphin. It seems to work okay.
  4. flyinjoe13

    flyinjoe13 Well-Known Member

    The one thing I noticed in the time I spent testing Skyfire was that everytime I launched it, the stock browser would also be launched because both would be listed in my running apps even though I never launched the stock broswer. I have to wonder if the stock browser is somehow needed to run Skyfire and that is why your screen is black.
  5. thebals

    thebals New Member

    Finally, last night I re-installed the stock browser and as expected Skyfire works fine now! I agree with flyinjoe13, Skyfire somehow needs the stock browser.

    While Skyfire was not working, I tried Dolphin. It supports flash in a very different way from Skyfire. In Skyfire the videos get buffered on their servers, hence we do not have to d/l the clip whereas in Dolphin the clip gets d/l to the cellphone (takes a long time, due to filesize) and then plays on the phone.

    Just IMO, I an a fan of how Skyfire handles any video; as it is much faster and uses much less data.
  6. Leogorath

    Leogorath Member

    Good to know, thanks. I'll probably try putting the stock browser back in at some point, and see what happens. :D

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