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Skyfire Browser 2.0 (beta): Not perfect, but great for playing flash videos

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  1. Phaze213

    Phaze213 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 10, 2010
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    the browser its self isn't perfect but it can play all flash 9 and some flash 10 vids. if you like south park download this app because it woks perfect on southparkstudios.com, and while being great for watching vids from your browser there are some sites and video hosts that are not supported such as Hulu, Megavideo, Zshare, ect. but you can watch full movies from wisevid.com or videoweed.com, which is awesome on the go with a good 3g connection. bit of a battery hog but so is anything that plays vids in high-res. To see a video review on this app (2.0 beta) click here


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