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Skyfire Browser 2.0 (beta): SkyFire - My Default Browser for Droid

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  1. PetiePal

    PetiePal Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 17, 2009
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    I've had a Motorola Droid since January 2010. Even before I purchased it I knew that I should download Dolphin Browser as the stock browser on 2.01 at the time did not support pinch to zoom.

    Fast forward a few months and Android 2.1 allowed you to pinch to zoom but still was as fast in rendering as Dolphin Browser or Dolphin HD. SkyFire wins in rendering time and features. With the recent interest in mobile devices being able to play Flash SkyFire has clearly taken the lead.

    -Faster page renders
    -More options
    -Plays Flash video
    -Ability to download Flash for later viewing
    -Intuitive start page for frequently-viewed websites
    -Enhanced and optimized Pinch to Zoom


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