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  1. kelvinpk

    kelvinpk New Member

    I use Skype from my laptop to call home (A500). I'm talking to my family so cant get them to plug in external headphone and mic.

    The sound quality I get from the A500 is terrible (sound is like its under water). I've read all the entries on this forum that say to use an external mic but as I cant can anyone suggest an external mic and speaker solution?

  2. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    so your using the pc and the tabs on the other end?
    is so, get a techy member of the fam' to go to :
    settings/sound/dobly/ click OFF
    reload skype try again.

    the dolby mobile is what implies the noise cancellation stopping this may help,.

    another things is the sound/mic seem to increase in quality if the tab user has headphones plugged in, you can see the point the mic being so close to the speakers if acer left the mic bare-bones all we would ever get would reproducted feedback (like if you hold a mic near the speaker its sounding to)

    (that big WUUUUNG WUUUNG WUUUNG WUUUUNG sound like your entering the mirror world .LMAO):D

    i see you want to speak to numerous peeps at once so dont want them switching headsets n such, maybe just a small simple speaker you could plug in and move away from the tab, it should implement the same fix,?

    just having a
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  3. kelvinpk

    kelvinpk New Member

  4. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    ive heard mixed results from these, some say they fix the prob 100% the rest say it didnt work at all because of a different band setup on the jack?.. im not bang-on sure ,. please do let us know how it goes so we can say we know one that works :D

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