Skype + Bluetooth?

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  1. jdk33

    jdk33 Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I have my Droid X paired with bluetooth in my car, and use it to make calls regularly. Now with Skype on my Droid X, it doesn't have an option to route the calls over Bluetooth. All you can do is use the handset earpiece or put it on speakerphone. Are there any options available to route this to my cars bluetooth?

  2. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    Skype is just coming out of the closet from Verizon, it's a good start but it's lacking plenty of things still and I don't think it has BT support yet.
  3. pbj84

    pbj84 Member

    Original Droid on 2.2, plus Skype, works fine with car bluetooth. No changes or special settings.
  4. jdk33

    jdk33 Well-Known Member

    Which version of Skype are you using? I'm using the "new" one on the market that uses VoIP, not the older Verizon branded one that uses your voice minutes.
  5. pbj84

    pbj84 Member

    Skype Mobile v, first one to come out.
  6. jdk33

    jdk33 Well-Known Member

    Surprising that it works in that version but not the new one. Still looking for options to get BT working in the new version of Skype.
  7. fnaaijkens

    fnaaijkens New Member

    What I found out is that BT supports two channels. (And the HTC Desire HD or Evo4) supports it well:

    1 phone audio (which my android connects to my Navi, which has an built-in phone supporting BT kit and confcall quality speaker)

    2 media audio (which my android connects to my FM rebroadcaster so I can pick it up on my cars' older radio, e.g. when I play podcasts, but still being able to have a phonecall: the media automatically stops playing, and I can touch the Navi to pick up the call)

    I assume now, that Skype works intimately with the phone, on the media audio channel. A paired, connected BT audioset , will most likely broadcast phone audio capability, and Skype will be none the wiser...
  8. Calson

    Calson New Member

    What you need is a A2DP headset, that's one that can send the Media audio (stereo) over BT. One such is the Jawbone Icon but a lot of the car handsfree gadgets use it too. I just verified this after updating the firmware on the Headset (which b.t.w. is not a stereo headset but a BT earpiece but has A2DP capability if updated).

    You pair it and it should work. Test by opening a random youtube clip on the phone. If it works with youtube, it works with Skype. If you still get no sound open your BT settings and hold down on the row that represents your paired headset until a settings window is displayed, go to settings at the bottom and see if "Media Audio" is checked, if not check and try again. Should work now.
  9. MetricLinux

    MetricLinux New Member

    No, you guys, remember Skype Mobile is only for use on 3G and regular Skype app is only for wifi, on purpose, what we need is to know who made the two apps and look and the source code to see the differences between the two.

    I am having the same issue, I am only using Droid, as a Skype phone on wifi, no cell service, and have the original Jawbone. This sucks, why the difference?
  10. chrisinsocalif

    chrisinsocalif Well-Known Member

    Here were the differences between the two platforms(previously).
    Skype Mobile
    Features :
    - Free Skype to Skype Calls
    - Calls to international Landlines & Cellphones without Verizon charging you, of course you will use your Skype Credit / Subscription
    - Partake in skype chats

    When you place your call using Skype Mobile it dials an "access number" which is sent over verizons normal network and doesn't use your data connection and then connects you to the skype network which then connects your call. All incoming calls on skype also show this access number.*

    (*Verizon recently announced allowing users to place VoIP calls over 3g.)

    Skype for Android
    - Free Skype to Skype.
    - Calls to US & international landlines and cells phones using skype credit / subscriptions
    - Partake in skype chats
    - Place calls over Wifi & 3G
    - Not locked to any cell phone provider

    Calls using the android client are full P2P and use Skype's higher quality audio codecs giving a clearer and crisper sound but is more resources hungry.
    I am only stating the previous differences in the platforms but unaware of the most recent changes Skype has made to Verizon's platform.

    I have a skype subscription, when I get a call from a skype user, it gets forwarded to my mobile phone but sounds muddy and difficult to understand people sometimes. When I use Skype to skype on my Samsung Galaxy Prevail, it sounds clearer on both ends but Skype only uses my Speakerphone on my device. It doesn't use the earpiece or bluetooth. I can get it to work using a my 3.5 mm 4 pole mic/headphones, but only in one ear. I sure hope Skype updates the app so it can utilize a bluetooth headset and work with my phone.
  11. morrisg

    morrisg New Member

    My problem, in Spain, is I have installed Skype (version on my S2.
    When I'm in my car, Bluetooth connects via my radio.
    But when I select a contact to phone,using the screen on my radio, my phone screen asks what to use to dial. Dialer or Skype?
    Not a very good hands on system if you have to use your phone to select an option.
    Can I avoid it having to choose?
  12. VerizonMark

    VerizonMark New Member

    Yea, it's nice that I don't even HAVE service on my Droid X2 but since I have wifi at work and at home (most places I go) I can call and get calls w/ Skype Mobile (b/c I have a $9/ mo. unlimited plan w/ skype giving me my own phone number).

    I can do free Google Navigation, English to Spanish translation and use all sorts of apps. It's been the nicest, cheapest way to use a smartphone I can imagine.

    I will get it hooked up w/ Verizon, but I'll choose the LOWEST voice plan and then just use Skype.

    About BLUETOOTH, I'm also wondering when Skype will update this lacking option.

    Calls are very clear with Skype. I've gotten calls from Google Voice a lot, since a lot of reps in my industry use this service. I've NEVER been able to have a decent conversation without it sounding like they're always fading in and out.

    Skype Mobile is clear as a bell, but it would be very nice if the bluetooth worked...

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