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  1. richies

    richies Member

    Hi all,

    just got my one s (phones4u - uk), unlocked, ics 4.03 - thru wifi
    and the skype is making crackling noises (voice call and video call too) even during ringing :confused:
    any one else having the same issue?

    also tried navigon and had the same issue (sygic is ok tho')
    games, music, video is ok... so must be skype issue...


  2. richies

    richies Member

    could please anybody try it???
  3. bigt

    bigt Well-Known Member

    I just skyped my friend, it worked okish. Not as good as on my pc but not bad
  4. richies

    richies Member

    on the xda forum 3-4 people having the same issue..
    so you must be special :)

    was it over 3g or wifi?

  5. robobobo

    robobobo Active Member

    I have the same issue, called the phone off my laptop in another part of the house, could hear perfectly fine on my laptop, but on the phone it was all crackly still...

    Wonder what's causing this
  6. bigt

    bigt Well-Known Member

    It was over WiFi

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