Skype for Thunderbolt .apk - Is it stable? Is it safe?General

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  1. Left Coast DJ

    Left Coast DJ Well-Known Member

    For those who downloaded the leaked Skype apk... how has it been? And since it's a leak, is it safe (meaning no one's added any code to it that might jack my phone?), etc?

  2. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Well-Known Member

    Is it secret? is it safe? :)

    Yeah... It works fine for me.. no ill effects.
    If someone added something to it then news would have been made.
  3. nkk

    nkk Well-Known Member

    It is perfectly stable and good. As for safe...I have not looked at any source code ,and I am pretty sure Skype would sue me if I had. This is the type of thing you try at your own risk. that being said, I would be surprised if it was not totally legitimate.

  4. AustinTech

    AustinTech Well-Known Member

    Works for me.

    It actually works better than Skype does on my PC and laptop. Skype has never been perfect in my experiences, but it works great on the T-bolt.
  5. travishamockery

    travishamockery Well-Known Member

  6. mdeblaz

    mdeblaz Well-Known Member

    As jcase mentions - this issue is also in the Skype version in the Android market... so it's not directly related to this leaked version of Skype. The Skype for Verizon app does not have this issue, so this will probably be fixed when official version is released by Verizon.
  7. jcase

    jcase Well-Known Member

    SkypeVideo leak works great here, on wifi and 3g, video quality is top notch too.

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