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Skype Mobile on Froyo

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  1. Numark

    Numark Active Member

    So after installing the FRF57 build of Froyo, I searched the Market for Skype Mobile, however it was not there. I found an .apk of it (version, but it doesn't support calls over WiFi. Can anyone tell me how I can get Skype Mobile to show in the 2.2 Market, or at least direct to a more current .apk of it?

  2. XtremeAaron

    XtremeAaron Well-Known Member

    It was my understanding that Skype Mobile did not offer calls over wifi.

    I just looked and I dont have Skype with 2.2 either.
  3. Numark

    Numark Active Member

    Hmm, I thought I saw somewhere that it did. Regardless, it would be nice to have the latest version.
  4. caustic

    caustic Well-Known Member is the newest, and no, it doesn't make calls over wifi. Skype to skype calls are free though
  5. overcaffein8d

    overcaffein8d Well-Known Member

    no wifi. try fring.

    verizon and skype are in cahoots and it's really starting to bug me.
  6. Jayse

    Jayse Well-Known Member

    That's odd you guys don't have Skype in the market. It's showing up fine on NexFro 1.0.1. Anyway, I've attached the latest version of Skype from the market incase anybody wants it.

    Attached Files:

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  7. Haywire

    Haywire Well-Known Member

    I've never really understood the benefit of Skype on the phone. I can see it on a lappy but it seems it too cumbersome to use on my phone.

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  8. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Unlimited calls to US/Canada for $3/mo. more than 500 minutes plan, vs. cost of telco's unlimited plan...but it depends on how its integrated. Skype is built in to the phone dialer on my phone, and I simply select either "Cellular call", "Skype call", or "Skype Video call".
  9. Numark

    Numark Active Member

    Thanks man, I appreciate it! I'm going out of the country soon and this seems like a cheaper alternative than paying roaming fees (or whatever, I forget how it all works :p)
  10. overcaffein8d

    overcaffein8d Well-Known Member

    you still have to pay minutes for using skype to call regular phone numbers though!
  11. overcaffein8d

    overcaffein8d Well-Known Member

    watch out! you'll still have to pay fees depending on what country. you still have to pay for data, and skype doesn't work on wifi...
  12. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    VoIP calls via Skype are almost *always* cheaper than roaming charges for phone calls when you're overseas though.
  13. Archphoto

    Archphoto Well-Known Member


    I note that the download has verizon in it's name; does this mean you need to be using this telco, or can anyone use it?

    I have an unlocked, unbranded Desire and would love to load up Skype to use when I'm roaming. :)
  14. mikepeace

    mikepeace New Member

    If your overseas unless you can get on a network you will not be able to get SKYPE to work. You will still pay roaming fees to use it.
    @haywire: The nice thing about having skype on my phone is that my family members overseas can use PC to call me anywhere I am. So it really makes it cheaper for them to call me.
  15. openelements

    openelements New Member

    Unable to install on nexus one. Error says its not compatible. Anyone get this to work on nexus one with froyo?
  16. omaramir

    omaramir New Member

    I will Tell you what happened with me , this may help some others.
    I have my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 ,froyo 2.2 .

    Every time I go to market , I see error 404 , which means file not found.
    when I read some documentaion for skype on skype website , I saw that there is a restriction to download on some languages.

    When I changed the language from Arabic to English UK , i failed to download skype


    When I changed the language to English United States , I download Skype without any problem and it is working perfectly.

    I hope at least one of you get benifit from this workaround.

  17. On my Nexus One/Froyo 2.2.1, once installed, Skype automatically checks for updates and warns you when one is available.
  18. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    It shows up for me in the market place and im running the latest axura rom. The latest version it says is I don't really use it much if not at all since I have google voice and use that if I ever have to make international calls.
  19. amlothi

    amlothi Well-Known Member

    I understand there is an issue with Verizon customers, so it may be that the version pre-installed on Verizon phones just sucks that way.

    I have an unbranded unlocked phone, and I was able to download Skype via the market while I was visiting the US and then make calls to other countries over Wifi even though I didn't have a data plan at the time.

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