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Skype on Wildfire - any ideas?

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  1. Super Dragpack

    Super Dragpack New Member

    Hi guys,

    I have Skype installed on my T-Mobile Wildfire and although it works perfectly for messaging and even making calls, the audio is so broken that it is unusable.

    I have just installed the latest version of Skype and updated the Andriod system, but the problem remains.

    Is there a workaround, or an alternative program, to make Skype voice calls on the Wildfire. I use Skype a lot, and even my wifes little old Symbian phone works perfectly, but the Wildfire just can't make usable voice calls on either WiFi or 3G.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. Super Dragpack

    Super Dragpack New Member

  3. casineo

    casineo New Member

    here are some ideas:
    1) Maybe you can try to use as less as you can resources on your phone - uninstall all unnecessery app.
    2) install some app for overclock to get more performance
    3) uninstall HTC sense
    4) install some other version of android (other named) which have better performance instead of fancy visualisation

    5) 4) + 2) :)

    I have same problem, but I am new user of android and I havent time right now.
    notice: changing system you probably lose qurantee, but if you find way to turn it back... I don`t know
  4. casineo

    casineo New Member

    I would like to hear feedback if someone try anything
  5. Panoradiant

    Panoradiant New Member

    Like Super Dragpacks original message I get the same effect
    "...the audio is so broken that it is unusable"
    but none of the responses so far were of any use to me.
    Anyone got a real solution?
    Mark :confused:
    NB Had my wildfire a week. Have downloaded latest upgrade to Android v2... and latest update to Skype from Android Market. My tests were carried out with Skype Echo calls both on WiFi and 3G.
  6. zxcvbnm123

    zxcvbnm123 New Member

    I know how much it sucks to want to use skype on your Wildfire but you can't because the audio sucks, so I made an account to let you guys know this:

    In my quest to find a way to call another person for free off my phone like Skype usually is I've tried all the apps I could get for the Wildfire.

    Here's how they break down for anyone else stuck with a Wildfire and can't use Skype without choppy audio problems can finally have free calls over data connections and wifi:

    1)SIP is not free, so forge any of those apps.

    2) Fring - seemed good even though I had to download the .apk manually on my PC and save to SD card then install with an app installer. But after a while it would close itself at random times or the call would be lost. I uninstalled as it always ran in background.

    3) Skype Lite - I managed to get an old version of Skype Lite and again used the .apk and app installer to install it on my Wildfire. Skype Lite lets you call your contacts but calls a local number to do this. Thus using your minutes in your price plan and doesn't call over your data connection. I uninstalled.

    4) Tango - Available on the android market on Wildfire, wouldn't let me call my friends so never got the test call quality, but might work. I uninstalled.

    5) Nimbuzz - AWESOME!! and works! Available throught he Android Market on Wildfire and does more than skype.
    You sign in with Nimbuzz but can also sign in with multiple IM accounts such as windows Live messenger, Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk. ect.
    I signed in with my hotmail account and could have great calls to my friend with the same app on iPhone. No lag, doesn't run when you don't want it to, great call quality, easy to use and the test chat "jimmy" is pretty funny too.
    Definatley a must have for anyone with a Wildfire.

    In conclusion, until Skype are able to tweak the code so it works clearly with the Wildfire, I'm using Nimbuzz as it does everything I need it to, plus more, all for free. It's just a shame I can't use Skype as most of my mates have Skype accounts. I'll leave skype installed so it's notifies me of the updates but there's no point using until then :)
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  7. majkeldude88

    majkeldude88 New Member

    Nope absolutely nope. read my post :
    Alright people! This is the situation; there are many out there like myself a few hours ago absolutely doing your nut in because goddamn skype won't work properly! Yea, I know the android software for skype is on the market however it is a real architectural disaster! You download it and you might experience a continuum of devastating cracking sounds in the background rendering the conversation you wish to indulge in absolutely incomprehensible. Even better, I am a "3" customer and this is the best part - bought a phone the other day which was SIMLOCK FREE, notice that network phones usually blocked and three handsets have modified software which means that there was NO "3 customer products/software" on it such as skype. It is a totally different application to the android market skype - the only issue with that is it will only work through your phone's internet and you must be a 3 customer - for those that aren't on three this information is going to be frustrating but I am not here to brag or put you down but to try and help as much as I can. Skype have really annoyed me with locking Fring and Nizzbuzz(i think that's the right name) out denying the use of their application - they really haven't helped themselves there, yet more annoyingly their technical department ought to be sacked for keeping us loyal customers waiting for such a long time and let us wait further...seriously, they ought to be customer driven and at the rate its going they will lose decent customers.

    Anyhow, for 3 customers type in google: Three UK "Skype" APK - Android @ MoDaCo (I didn't read the agreement with regards to these posts therefore I am not putting the web page in), press on the first link and download the zip. Then, get you're sd card out of the phone, plug it into an adapter, open the zip and transfer the file in the zip to the mini sd card, place it back into your phone, download FileBrowser Silver Lite from android market on your phone, install the application work it and voila. My poor wildfire works perfectly! - where before I had that weird shuttering/cracking noise now it's crystal clear. For the rest of you I hope that skype will sort something out because they are treating you with contempt and I have lost a lot of respect for them. Best of luck to all of you.

    BASICALLY ITS THE SKYPE ANDROID APP problem, my wildfire has version 2.2 - i didn't get a chance to read the info advising not to upgrade but its done now and I can't go back or overclock my system but it's definitely not the phone's fault as my skype works perfectly.
  8. eng_zorro

    eng_zorro New Member

    For sorry have the same noisy issue and it made this mobile useless for me

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