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Skype on Xperia X10iGeneral

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  1. zumy66

    zumy66 New Member

    Plz guys help me out i want to install skype on my Xperia X10i its not available in android market

  2. D3sRtH4mmR

    D3sRtH4mmR Well-Known Member

  3. Alucius

    Alucius Member

    would this work on the 1.6 version of x10a? If so how do I install it?
  4. n0rm4n

    n0rm4n Member

    Its not working on 1.6 version.. Because I tried to search for it during 1.6 didn't found but after I update to 2.1 then I found it on android market.. also the same for twitter I am using X10i by the way..
  5. datserin

    datserin New Member

    how do i update my SE xperia x10i???
  6. Hunted

    Hunted Well-Known Member

    if your network operator hasn't released the update you will need to debrand it to worldwide generic plenty of guides on here, check the sony announce 2.3 thread link is in there for the guide...
  7. ORA

    ORA Well-Known Member

    Hi saxj.........i also had a problem so i left it out
  8. iandroid123

    iandroid123 Active Member

    If you would like to download some apps but you couldn't find it in "apps store", then you could download it from http://market.android.com/
  9. iandroid123

    iandroid123 Active Member

    You can download the Sony Ericsson PC Companion from the Sony Ericsson official website and just connect your phone to your computer via USB cable..

    Sony Ericsson PC Companion

    IF the above doesn't works, you can connect your phone to wifi and go to Setting -> About Phone -> Software Update
  10. honestlive75

    honestlive75 New Member

    some friend can help me to install skype on my experia x10i Jani from Netherlands
  11. heerrasheed

    heerrasheed New Member

    plz help me how to install skype on xperia x10i
  12. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

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