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  1. unlimited

    unlimited Member

    I have Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and have skype on it. When i make a video call the other person seems doesnt get my request . But if the other person calls me i got it on my phone . Whats happenning wrong ?!!!!

  2. Matt31

    Matt31 Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure originally, Skype didnt support video chat with the SGS.
    They updated it to include a beta type version for the SGS.

    Might be one of the problems......just get people to call you instead of you calling them.
    Or call them and get them to call you right back if you want.

    Or you can try Gtalk. It is pretty much the same, if the other person has a google account, and it works perfect!
  3. unlimited

    unlimited Member

    But Its possible to make video calls by skype on Samsung Galaxy S , I have done it . But the problem its , when i make a video call seems the other person cant accept it, or their camera doesnt open. but if they call to me i can accept and we can see eachother....
  4. Matt31

    Matt31 Well-Known Member

    oh ya, I know it is possible now......I am saying that it wasnt possible before.
    I think it is just a bug still in the program.....

    Are there any updates available? Send Skype an email to ask them as well.
    Seems like there is a software-hardware compatibility issue

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