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  1. adityasunkara

    adityasunkara Member

    i installed skype... even though it said that skype not supported it ran smoothly for few days and suddenly it stopped working... guys please find a fix also does flashing change anything with skype?

  2. EverWin

    EverWin Active Member

    nup, meanwhile you can use tango or do not enable video chat in skype
    uninstall skype then reinstall it
  3. n1newbie

    n1newbie Well-Known Member

    Tango doesnt work well too. Video is very bad. Maybe due to a75 s low processor, i suppose.
  4. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Use Yahoo Messenger it works on 2.2 A70 also must work gr8 on GB ! provided your camera has capacity for moderate frame capturing !! or try fring even mobiquus and oovoo are gr8 alternatives ! have tried all possible clients for the same for A70 !! hence almost know every client for video !!
    if YM does not work try Nimbuzz ...
  5. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    There is a new app in market vonage better than skype
  6. avinashmeena

    avinashmeena Well-Known Member

    use spokn for free voip calls on real numbers.............get spokn app from market and register a account on it's free............spokn to spokn calls are always free..........but on real numbers you will get 3-5 callls free on per account(spokn bal goes in minus when you call on real number's)...........but if you get too much in minus stop using that account and create another one..............for more details go to
  7. avinashmeena

    avinashmeena Well-Known Member

    prefix isd code before typing your no. on spokn app ex. 91-9826393773
  8. kulsigdel

    kulsigdel Member

    dear friends skype old version works in our micromax a 75 model after installing skype u can upgrade to new version after that it works but without enabling video chat option if u want to voice chat with friends who are staying aborad then u better install any sip that use g729 codec with 7kbs speed and register in call centric and get inum for free calling after that u could be able to receive calls from google talk messenger,40 countries landline without any cost!if u are intrested in inum then i can explain later but first visit for more information!
  9. avinashmeena

    avinashmeena Well-Known Member

    but which version xxxx dude.........................explain,,,,,,,,,??
  10. 111086sr

    111086sr New Member

    I used "Fring" for awhile and it worked pretty well with my phone. For some reason, the front camera on my phone would not turn on with skype...Skype was basically a long way to make a regular phone call for me.
  11. kulsigdel

    kulsigdel Member

    i had install then after i upgrad it too but nothing was new even after upgrade i was unable too use video chat!after enabling video chat it crash down again and again but voice worked fine reason i install old version was
    i was unable to singn in in new version when i first install it but when i upgrade from old to new newer version is also working thanks for asking man!
  12. maheshyd

    maheshyd Well-Known Member


    i am new to this forum.. as i just bought my first android phone Micromax A75.. its a good phone with lot of complaints...

    SKYPE - i am not able to use skype on my phone, app just closes after providing username password.. its the latest one from app market.

    any suggestion to make it work.. i have installed an 32GB mm card.
  13. android155

    android155 Well-Known Member

    Dude.....r there any other alternatives ?
  14. Hi,Folks..
    I hve just bought the MMX A75,especially for its front camera bundle.I tried installing Skype & YM(with add-on for Msg),both gave me"not compatible with your phone" message.
    Am I doing something wrong?Pls comment/direct me to any related forum!
  15. n1newbie

    n1newbie Well-Known Member

    you cant install skype or yahoo from play store aka market. but you can install those apps on your own. ju search for the .apk file compatible for you and install them
  16. Hey,n1newbie..
    Sounds like a plan!I have a very naive can I go about finding the .apk file?do i search on my phone browser& install?Or search from the computer & then install.
    I would also request you if you can guide me with the full file name?
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  17. n1newbie

    n1newbie Well-Known Member

    you can do it either via phone or via pc and then transfer back.
    u need to check settings->unknown sources.
    below u can get full details and the app.
  18. Uttar

    Uttar New Member

    from where to download skype older version for same phone
  19. Uttar

    Uttar New Member

    Please reply anybody.....I need help:confused:

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