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Skyrocket has battery meter issue... i.e. stuck at 100%Support

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  1. joeynym

    joeynym Active Member

    my phone went dead today @ work, cannot get screen to come on, tried calling it and nothing, bluetooth is dead as well... I thought maybe battery went dead due to app looking to update but no service...plugged in to car charger, nothing.... off to best buy I go....

    ####Users still experiencing this issue please see post #78 ####

    The unofficial issue is bad firmware in the battery. Contact your carrier or Samsung for a replacement battery.

  2. joeynym

    joeynym Active Member

    false alarm... I feel like a jerk...

    well it turns out my battery was completely dead, when I plugged in my phone into car charger it did not chirp, just vibrated every 5-10 seconds since battery was completely drained and my phone was on silent mode. Best buy chic smirked when she plugged into a actually wall charger and phone rebooted, I guess with car charged u have to charge it a couple of minutes before u can reboot... I felt like an idiot, now I gotta find out what the culprit of the battery drain was, I think it was due to i left a app running that was trying to refresh and there was no service...

    Anyways I do miss my iphone for another reason, if this was my iphone and it went dead, when u click the power button it gives u a red empty battery icon to let u know, not with the sammy... 1st lesson learned with the galaxy...
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  3. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Hem...so far mine has given me a battery with a red slash.

    Keep an eye on those apps
  4. joeynym

    joeynym Active Member

    thanks mr ed... what I mean is whenever my iphone went 100% dead and it has been shut down, when I press the power button to reboot, it will give a red empty battery meter which I know it was dead due to battery... with that galaxy all i got was a vibrate, i think due to silence mode, but nothing on the screen, so I was a little lost, especially when i plugged into the car charger and all it did was vibrate every 5 seconds, I thought it was going crazzzyy... if a lil screen popped up and said battery dead or at least battery icon showed up that it was charging when I plugged it into the charger I would have been ok...

    will keep an eye out on the apps...
  5. joeynym

    joeynym Active Member

    it went dead again today!!!! OMG!!!!!!

    ok there is something wrong with the battery meter because it read full battery all day, which I thought was because it had an really good battery and I had turned off wifi, bluetooth, but when I was driving home, same thing just went dead....
  6. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Att adjusts the battery meter on all of their phones. Your meter drops in 15-20% increments and is not a 1-1 meter (1% increments)

    I use status bar battery from the market ..
  7. realized

    realized Active Member

    Same thing here

    My battery meter showed 100% all day then died. Pluged it in and said 0%/charging,,,
  8. DanBn

    DanBn New Member

    I have the same problem. I noticed it after I installed Juice Defender - battery was at 100% after a charge and I was like "wow this JD thing is really amazing" and then all of a sudden phone was dead. Plugged it in and turned out JD not so awesome after all. :--)

    I installed a third party battery meter, same issue - so it's not the pre-installed app that's the problem.

    Others that have this problem - I am wondering if installing JD caused the issue. Any thoughts?
  9. blakethomass

    blakethomass Member

    My skyrocket also is having a battery meter issue. I charge my phone to 100% and then it stays at 100% all day even though its not, and then dies even though it says its fully charged. The only way I can fix it is to reset the phone and then it works for the rest of the day until I charge it back to 100 and then the battery meter gets stuck again. What the hell? Haha.
  10. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Very interesting guys...

    this is NOT normal.

    Throughout the day, if you go to menu.settings.about phone

    does the battry percent there show to be 100% all day also?

    have you run a factory reset, install no apps and run through an entire day? (ensure there is not app conflict causing this)
  11. Gertex

    Gertex Member

    My phone is pretty much stock. Installed dropbox and skitch on it.

    Yesterday everything was working great. Today it's sitting at 100% and did not change at all.

    After reading this post I decided to just plug it in - see how much battery power is left.

    Interestingly enough, it beeped and said - disconnect from charger 100% charged.

    Just turned the phone off, took the battery out, waited 10 secs, put battery back in and now it shows battery almost empty.... Hooked it up and it started charging correctly.

  12. blakethomass

    blakethomass Member

    Yeah, even when I go to the status of the phone in settings it still says 100%! It's so weird! Maybe an app is what's causing it, although I have no idea which app it could be. I might just do a factory reset if the problem continues, but at least I'm not alone and other people are having this problem too it seems. I don't know if I should try exchanging the phone or not because the phone works perfect except for the battery meter issue, and I'm not completely sure this problem is even the actual phone itself or something else. Maybe it will resolve with a future software update?
  13. joeynym

    joeynym Active Member

    I am glad I was not the only one experiencing this... Also I was 3g connection issues with certain sites that would not load, Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com, slickdeals.net, and a couple of other sites that just would not load, or I had to keep refreshing it and it took like 2-3 minutes to load, I did hard reset back to factory same issues w/ websites and battery,also I problems over the weekend connecting to yahoo fantasy football app... so i went to att store to try some other 3g android phones, well the other phones loaded the same pages up in heartbeat, no delays... I did not have same problem when wifi was on.... also I noticed the weather app when loading current location thru gps, that kept getting errors w/ gps... Also the speakerphone was horrible, also every time I made a call that conditional call forwarding icon pops up, well with the skyrocket it makes a click noise that is very annoying...

    what a headache in the past 3 days...i returned the skyrocket to best buy for Samsung galaxy s2... works flawlessly... that skyrocket needs some serious updates...
  14. thekaptn

    thekaptn New Member

    I as well have this battery issue. I thought the battery was rocking, showing 100%, then decided to do a restart and pow! 42%. This is a pretty bad bug. I just came to android after 4 years with iOS, and 4 years with windows mobile. There better be a patch quick or this thing is getting returned.
  15. colton033

    colton033 Member

    As an iphone user for many years, I got used to having a decent battery life on my devices. The battery life on the new Skyrocket sucks. I commute to and from work, it takes an hour each way. If I listen to music or watch a movie, I lose about 30% battery each way. If I use it as a phone only during my 8 hour day, I lose another 60%. I make it a point to terminate all apps so nothing is running. I only talk about an hour during the day. This battery life is HORRIBLE.
  16. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Mine started doing this today :(
  17. leveleyed

    leveleyed Member

    I too have this problem. Add this bug to other occasional weird stuff like random scrolling to the bottom of pages, registering a click when my finger is just hovering over an area, much crappier autocorrect/predictive text than iphone, problems selecting text (in emails, webpages, and other areas), apps and widgets crashing, and other odd behavior after just 4 days of owning the thing, and you have a recipe for buyer's remorse. Kinda wishing I had picked up a 4S now, or just stuck with my 3GS for another few months or so until iphone 5 comes out (hopefully with a bigger screen, finally).
  18. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    A battery pull fixed mine right up. I will trade it back to best buy when I get back in town. I need to read up in the vivid forums. Looks like they are having similar issues you our data at least
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  19. blakethomass

    blakethomass Member

    I did a soft reset as well and pulled the battery out and everything and it solved the problem it seems. It hasn't done it at all since I did this and Ive charged it up a few times now.
  20. Azoneiybelial

    Azoneiybelial New Member

    Got the skyrocket at launch and haven't had this issue yet. My guess would be the settings on power saving mode could be shutting the phone down, But that was the first thing i adjust. Also use active application and battery widgets to keep an eye on whats draining
  21. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Completely unrelated. Mine was fine for about a week and then suddenly did it. No time to narrow down the cause right now but I am watching it.

    Has not done it again since the battery pull
  22. joeynym

    joeynym Active Member

    I tried everything u guys tried, plus the headaches with trying to get on certain websites... Thank god I switched back to sgs2
  23. Gdwheel

    Gdwheel Well-Known Member

    I had the exact same issue on the SGS2 and returned it for that reason. The battery meter would look great and would immediately drop to 18% or even shut the phone down and not have enough power to power up. So far, I have not had this problem on the Skyrocket. Time will tell.
  24. qc2az

    qc2az New Member

    Mine battery work's just great, just keep my screen at 10 % and I remove all the sync option for most off my apps to keep my Galaxy S2 LTE running all day.
  25. marcusone

    marcusone Member

    Mine is doing the same thing; 100%, even though other apps say its discharging, it stays at 100% and won't recharge (if I plug in, says full, remove cable).

    A reboot fixes. But issue comes back every time I charge to 100%.

    I'm going to try a different charger (i.e. different wall charger, and also see if it does it after charging from a computer USB). I'll let you guys know if any charging methods I try make a difference.

    A battery "pull" only works for the first time (after I recharge to 100%, issue comes back).

    Anyone found a "fix" for this?


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