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Slacker Radio: The best internet music streaming app.

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  1. gabe2gg

    gabe2gg Member This Topic's Starter

    May 1, 2010
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    Before I used Slacker, I CONSTANTLY used Pandora Radio for my sources of entertainment. The problem with Pandora however, is that they constantly repeat music THAT YOU HAVE NOT LIKED. This would be a constant problem until i realized Pandora just doesn't have enough songs. Slacker on the other hand has a much bigger collection to pick from and SONGS DO NOT REPEAT EVERY HOUR UNLESS YOU "HEART" IT. YEA!!!! I also love how even if you make a certain group, you can still add other artists/genres to the main group you were listening too. Also the app streams much higher quality than Pandora. At last and not least, CACHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SUCH A GREAT FEATURE I TELL YOU AND IF YOU NEED TO CONSERVE BATTERY WHILE LISTENING TO A CONSTANT ARRAY OF MUSIC, THE SLACKER APP IS FOR YOU!!!

    GABE2gg OUT!


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