Slacker Radio won't load now, what's up with that?

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  1. Snow Wahine

    Snow Wahine Member

    I got a replacement Droid X the other day and re-loaded all my apps. They all work - except for Slacker Radio. When I try to load it, the blue "wheel" icon just spins and spins. And spins. I have the upgraded premium account, too, which makes this even more annoying. Anybody have advice? Thanks in advance!

  2. nyydynasty

    nyydynasty Well-Known Member

    i have this same problem if I lose data for those few seconds when slacker is trying to load. Either I close/reopen slacker or reboot my phone and it always loads the 2nd time. Have you tried that?
  3. Snow Wahine

    Snow Wahine Member

    Yes, I restarted it twice, nothing seems to work. Poo. :( Thank you for your advice, though. I appreciate it.
  4. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

    Did you clear data on Slacker?

    Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Slacker > Clear Data
  5. Snow Wahine

    Snow Wahine Member

    I uninstalled it just now, and when I re-installed it I did it through the web instead of "Market," and it works. Weird. By the way, Slacker has an online chat thing with live help, and I didn't have to wait. Pretty cool of them.

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