Sleep Mode Problems

  1. zeeks

    zeeks New Member

    Go my phone for Christmas.
    I am having a few problems with the phone.
    First Problem
    If the phone sits idle (with a full charge) for a prolong period (more than 1 hours), the phone hangs up (none of the buttons respond, screen blank) and I have reboot it by removing the battery(which sucks). It's has gotten to the point where I don't even bother to put the back of the phone on any more. The battery level after rebooting is always around 50%.
    Question: Is anyone else experiencing the above problem and do they or anyone else have a solution?
    Background: I have not activated my phone yet (no sim), I am presently only operating via my WiFi connection.

    2nd Problem
    Which just started today. The phone just randomly reboots itself.
    Recent Apps installed - ShopSavvy, BBC News, Barcode Scanner, Bloo
    Apps Installed & Removed - WaveSecure
    Question: Does anyone have any idea as to what could be causing this behavior?

    A little New Year cheer would be appreciated.

  2. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Sounds like a dodgy handset! Not sure to be honest. Telus, thats a gsm Hero right?
  3. zeeks

    zeeks New Member

    Telus is GSM provider in Canada
  4. zeeks

    zeeks New Member

    Yes my phone is GSM HTC Hero

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