Sleeping DROID Stops Playing Music

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  1. NickFahrion

    NickFahrion New Member

    When I'm using my DROID to listening to music, after a minute the phone goes to sleep to save battery and it just cuts of the music. Is there a way to change it so even though its sleeping it'll still play? I'm going on a long trip soon and I don't want to have to take my iPod too.. I just want one music device so I have less chords.


  2. krazykrivda

    krazykrivda Well-Known Member

    What type of task killers do you have? This may be the problem? Any autokill on sleep features on?
  3. NickFahrion

    NickFahrion New Member

    Thank you so much!!! I completely forgot about my task killer. It works great now :)
  4. krazykrivda

    krazykrivda Well-Known Member

    Glad I could help
  5. maverick1970

    maverick1970 New Member

    When listening to music through the Motorola Droid default music player, the music cuts off when the screen goes black like NickFahrion said. It was my Task Killer too. I'm running Takspanel 6.2.0

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