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  1. InJust

    InJust New Member

    I have had so many issues with my phone that I'm about to just be done with it. Hopefully I can take it in and see if there's a hardware issue but before then I thought I would ask you guys so here we go...

    Issues include:
    • Freezing multiple times a day*
    • Volume level "popup" wont dissappear* (may have been an app, not for sure)
    • Will not connect to computer (USB)(Now the computer constantly makes the connect and then disconnect sound, nothing changes on the phone, I've tested this in every USB port and they all have the same effect including a hub)
    • Constantly thinks I'm using a dock (which I have never connected to)
    • Hitting the home button brings up the desk clock/dock
    • Phone doesnt stay off, simply turns back on again after turning it off
    • Battery drains significantly faster than before (I would end the day with 60% without charging, now I'm lucky to finish with 30%)
    • Battery dropped 50% simply by turning my restarting my phone (not sure how that's even possible)(would post a screenshot but I'm new here)

    *-reboot REQUIRED

    I've tried cleaning the USB port which was the problem for some people but it didn't help me. I would do a factory reset but there are files I need on my phone and I cant move them to my PC :( It has been dropped once but it had a case on and these problems started weeks after the incident. I've had my phone since about halfway through December and the problems started about a month and a half after that, getting worse over time.

  2. da man

    da man Well-Known Member

    Take it back, sounds like a lemon for sure.
  3. Burzum

    Burzum Well-Known Member

    Install dropbox and upload your files to it. Do a factory reset.
  4. rbasusparky

    rbasusparky Well-Known Member

    Since you can't do a USB or Wi-Fi file transfer, why don't you install a micro SD card and transfer the important files to the micro SD card using Astro or ES File Explorer. A Bluetooth file transfer to you PC might also work as well. Finally, I would recommend backing up the rest of your data to the SD card (Apps, SMS, etc.), listening to voice mails, and do a Samsung Galaxy E4GT Hard Reset (from a powered off state), doing a factory reset and deleting the cache as well instead of a Factory Reset (from a powered on state) in Menu->Settings->Privacy. If it still does not work, then you might want to see if you can exchange the phone for a newer one as the phone may have hardware issues.
  5. InJust

    InJust New Member

    Thanks for all the replies, I did a reset on my phone earlier today and still have the freezing issue, three times already, haven't had time to test the other problems but the freezing is making my phone almost unusable so I'm just going to call Sprint and see what they say.
  6. fofjjsr

    fofjjsr Well-Known Member

    You definitely got a lemon. Take it back ASAP.
  7. Seanjohn2239

    Seanjohn2239 Well-Known Member

    I had a lot of problems with mine as well like the browser was always sideways

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