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  1. mattle72

    mattle72 New Member

    Anyone know why my slide out keyboard is suddenly typing two different letters when I type or why the space button is backspacing?:mad:

    I tried reflashing my phone with sprint's swupgrade tool. that didn't help.

    Anything else anyone knows that I can do?



  2. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    When this happened with my old Touch Pro, it was a sign that the keyboard connector was coming loose and eventualy failing entirely. It was a common problem with the Touch Pro, but keyboard problems seem rare with the Moment.

    Just to be sure, do a hard reset- menu > Settings > Privacy > factory data reset

    If a flash or hard reset didn't correct it, I would take it in to a repair center. You should still be under warranty. Good Luck.
  3. mattle72

    mattle72 New Member

    Thanks. I will have to bring it to a repair center. i did the hard reset, no luck.
  4. jacelansing

    jacelansing New Member

    I know this is an old thread. But I made an account because I know the answer. Mine was doing the same thing. Just watch this video on youtube called

    Sprint Samsung Moment Disassembly

    (They won't let me post links in my first vid.) lol

    Once you can see the hardware of the phone, you don't have to take anything else off. I'm not sure what the connectors are that you see right away, and I'm too lazy to check. lol But I just reconnected them and made sure that they were all in place and snug. I took the whole phone apart like in the vid! lol But I don't think you have too. Just that first part. I turned it back on after putting it back together and everything was working again with normal "one letter" typing and everything being right.

    Hope that helps someone else too.

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