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Slideit text shows but does not input

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  1. Fbomb!

    Fbomb! Well-Known Member

    Has anyone else come across this problem/bug?

    Sometimes when I enter text (SMS, Google, etc...), I slide a word and it shows up in the preview window but will not come up on the actual input field.

    It seems to happen randomly and I have to go back or exit the app (SMS, Opera, etc...) a few times before slideit works normally again.

  2. Fbomb!

    Fbomb! Well-Known Member

    Damn, so no one else has had this problem?

    I got Swype back on my phone and actually had one incident where nothing typed, but has been problem free other than that once (knock on wood)
  3. Fbomb!

    Fbomb! Well-Known Member

    Well, I had to say something...Now it's starting with Swype. So that leads me to believe it's either a handcent issue or android.


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