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Slider Box - Apps Organizer 2.0 Released Free

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  1. sliderbox

    sliderbox New Member

    Slider Box is a widget and shortcut application for android devices.

    Just One Touch

    Your applications will be categorized and grouped according to Google Play Store categories.

    To organize and group your applications and bookmarks you can use Scan.

    - Scanning : All your applications and bookmarks will be found on your device.
    - Categorizing : Your application category will be retrieved from Google play store.
    For example : Your social applications will be in Social group, or all your games will be in Games group
    Also predefined groups will be created such as system applications, installed applications etc.
    - Creating : New application groups and bookmark group will be created.

    You can add
    - application or bookmark organizer shortcuts on home screen
    - application or bookmark organizer widgets on home screen
    - application or bookmark launcher widgets on home screen

    This application provides you
    - easy way to organize your applications and bookmarks
    - effective home screen usage and more space
    - a dashboard to access easily your applications and bookmarks
    - flexible configurations to personalize your widgets
    - many different layouts and dimensions of widget
    - many different styles, colors, icons and transparency alternatives





    VIDEO : Slider Box - Apps Organizer 2.0 - YouTube

  2. vulcanbomber

    vulcanbomber New Member

    The small buttons at bottom of widget screen for editing it don't work!
  3. sliderbox

    sliderbox New Member

    I tested on many devices. When retrieved some applications icon some exception may be occured. May be this reason was caused the problem. I will test on some devices again. Thank you for your comment

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