Slightly lost in the rooting/ROM process... sorry to be a newb - help please!

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  1. lowrider13

    lowrider13 Member

    Hey all,

    couple of quick questions i really hope you can help me answer!

    I rooted my HTC desire, using unrEVOked following SUroot's guide - all seemed to work fine (a simple and great guide i might add)

    I'm now looking to flash a ROM onto my device, but wish to back up the information there so i can do a wipe. So, i downloaded Titanium back up (pro version) and it says it doesnt have root access, i read somewhere that i might need busybox to get Titanium back up working? (but isn't this something that comes within a ROM?! - thus, i need something in a rom, to make a backup before flashing a rom?!?!)

    A little confused right now, im sure i have got muddled up somewhere along the line and any helpful guidance would be much appreciated.



  2. lowrider13

    lowrider13 Member

    Huge apologies, have now fixed - i was being a total idiot. (i now cant work out how to delete the thread!)
  3. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the otherside.

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