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  1. ricardioloog

    ricardioloog New Member

    Hi all,
    I've got a little problem.
    My Samsung Galaxy Gio was running fine with a 2GB (there's not class on it but i think it's class 2 EDIT: I tested it and it's a class 2) but it was full after 2 days.
    So i ordered a Kingston 16 GB card and especially took a class 4 instead of 2.

    But now it seems like it's slower, when i play music it sometimes stutters,
    when i play coindozer, which i believe isn't really a big application, it just hackles stutters and hangs a little.

    Could this really be the SD card or could something else be the problem?

  2. IDEAL41

    IDEAL41 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with music playback even with the stock 2 gb card....I bought an 8bg class 10 card, and while everything loaded very quickly- the music still glitched...I have since installed a free market player (mixzing, but there are lots of different ones)) and the skipping is virtually gone (not completely) at least it is listenable. When I go back to the stock music player the skips show up more frequently so I figure that a lousy stock player is for the most part to blame, but there must be something else as well.

    If I stream radio (via tunewiki) there is no skips at all so it must be in the reading from the sd card or the mp3 conversion to audio in the phone.

    although my phone did not slow down
  3. ricardioloog

    ricardioloog New Member

    Thanks for replying.
    I don't really want to use an alternative player, since the stock one should just work.

    I found out that many of my downloaded apps are installed on the phones memory, which is now full, i can't install anything else anymore, and i even have 13 GB free space on my SDcard.

    I don't know if this has anything to do with the slowness of my phone, but I can't find it out either, since apps to move apps to the SD are not working..
  4. FrizzleZA

    FrizzleZA Member

    Since you mentioned moving apps to your SD card, I'm assuming you tried using Apps2SD? The majority of apps are movable to the SD card.

    My suggestion is that you take a look at what apps you have that are eating your system resources. It's best never to completely fill up your internal memory either, as it will definitely slow down your phone. Try out OS Monitor, it allows you to see what's eating your CPU usage.

    On the other bit, regarding the 2GB-> 16GB, I suspect I've got the same problem. Also got a 16GB class 4 Kingston card and it does feel somewhat slower. It could very well be due to the extra space that has to be addressed at times, although it shouldn't really be going slower - the phone supports up to 32GB extended storage.
  5. ricardioloog

    ricardioloog New Member

    Yes, I tried apps2sd, but none of the apps were movable for some reason.

    Anyway, it seems like it's fine now.
    I did a factory reset (via the menu you get when holding the middle button and pressing your phone on).

    Then i just carefully installed everything again, but i watched where every app got installed. The apps that not got installed on the sd but on the phone i just deleted (except for hotmail and whatsapp).

    I never realized it, but the Gio has VERY low internal memory, like 150 mb or something.

    So far it's working good, so i guess, like you said, i just have to watch out my phone memory doesn't get filled up.

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