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slow browser..flash rom/kernel?

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  1. cad2blender

    cad2blender Active Member

    I have my one v rooted and it has the stock rom. The stock brower has always been laggy and just slow in general, I've tried dolphin, chrome, opera and quick ics browser and still slow. If I were to flash a another kernel and or rom would it speed up a bit? I was thinking of flashing jmz to maybe speed things up? Or just flash the Jellybean AOKP rom? Have you guys had experience with this?

  2. RyanSupertramp

    RyanSupertramp Well-Known Member

    I have the AOKP rom and it was great at first, but it's lagging a lot lately and I might just go with the JMZ "Stock" ROM. I just need to hold out another month or so so I can get the GS2 for VM. ;)
  3. riggerman0421

    riggerman0421 Well-Known Member

    Slow browser load times are due to your data connection speed, not the Rom.
  4. CuriousNoob

    CuriousNoob Well-Known Member

    Download SuperBox and use it to clear your caches and other data that stacks.
  5. cad2blender

    cad2blender Active Member

    I have a 10Mbps connection, and it is the rom in my case. Ever since day one, it has been slow and laggy. I cleared cache, history, data...everything and still slow and laggy. I flashed AOKP 4.1.1 and holy crap what a difference, gone is the 2 second lagging time between my finger and scrolling. For some reason even typing on it would take so long that after I wrote the url it would take about a few seconds to complete typing it on the screen.

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