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Slow running clock since ICS update.Support

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  1. rugbyandroid

    rugbyandroid Active Member

    Hi, Since updating to ICS I've noticed that the clock now and again runs about 5 - 10 minutes slow. Anyone else noticed this? Any suggestions?

    I'm on an unrooted HTC Sensation on Vodafone.

  2. Shaster

    Shaster Member

    Have you rebooted the phone since the initial first udate reboot? Tha usually sorts out a world of ills.
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  3. mrqs

    mrqs Well-Known Member

    settings -> date & time -> automatic date & time

    if you've got that switched on, blame vodafone
    if you've got that switched off... switch it on?

    also make sure you're comparing it to a reliable source of time - that it's actually the phone's time that's off and not your reference
  4. Vibers

    Vibers New Member

    Same problem here.. The problems started with ics.
    A reboot syncs the clock again, but its starts to slow, and runs minutes late after a few hours.
    ...And yes automatic sync is on, and worked prior to ICS

    Any solutions yet?
  5. Mr Bond

    Mr Bond New Member

    I have not upgraded to ICE as of yet, but is their any way of making the big clock on the home screen a tad smaller, just to big. I down loaded the 191 page manual to a thumb drive but did see anything ? :rolleyes:
  6. rugbyandroid

    rugbyandroid Active Member

    The phone was fine until ICS update, so I'm putting it down to that. I have now switched off auto time update to see if that has any effect either good or bad.

    Thanks for previous comments, the phone has been restarted and soft booted since ICS update but still runs slow.
  7. st0ker

    st0ker New Member

    Ditto here, soft restart hasn't helped nor has a "settings" app update that come OTA last week. Unrooted Sensation purchased SIMunlocked new on Amazon. Definitely only an issue post-ICS update.

    Whether using the NTS or manually setting the time it runs slow. Not sure if it's cumulatively getting worse - leaving it a few days to see whether it gets further behind or just lags 5mins as currently.
  8. st0ker

    st0ker New Member

    HTC webchat support can only suggest a hard reset
  9. st0ker

    st0ker New Member

    The clock has definitely been slow since ICS update whether or not using auto NTP.

    I have noticed that if I leave WiFi turned off then the clock remains accurate. Might be that the clock has been screwed by ICS but as long as you can get the operator network time the problem is masked by the time being constantly synced (i.e. not using WiFi and using the network operator for data and always seeing the network operator time server. If you use wifi you don't see the operator data connection or the operator NTP server).
  10. SuperKitch

    SuperKitch Active Member

    I have had the exact same thing happen to me, I have also noticed since the ICS update, my battery has been draining, lasting approximatley 8 hrs after a full charge.

    I am on Orange branded unrooted device, and have reported this to Orange, who have stated that until they have had more complaints of the same kind, they will not look into it, although it does seem it is a fault with ICS rather than Orange itself.

    Has anyone got any news on a fix??
  11. rugbyandroid

    rugbyandroid Active Member

    Hi All,

    After putting up the original post of this thread I also raised the issue with the HTC boffins.

    The advice so far has been a soft reset, which did not work and now the latest advice is a hard reset. Has anyone else done this and if so did it work?

    I'm not convinced that a hard reset is necessary or will work as is proved by this thread the issue appears to be affecting a number of users not just me.

    Also in the last few weeks by phone (which didn't have any of these problems before ICS update) has frozen 3 times where the only solution was to remove the battery, it has now been running so slow that after pressing the power button to bring up the lock screen it can take up to 5 seconds for the lock screen to appear, and the phone has generally been slow to react or carry out operations.

    Also can anyone tell me under task manager how much total/used/free memory you have.

    Yesterday I had to reset my time 3 times the worst it got was 20 minutes slow.

    Anyone any other suggestions?
  12. tuna629

    tuna629 New Member

    Exact same problem here, I'm using a Tmobile Sensation in the US. It seems to be a Wifi problem; if I disconnect from Wifi and restart my phone, the time will be correct and not slow down.
  13. rugbyandroid

    rugbyandroid Active Member

    Hi All.

    Well despite some help from HTC support (soft & hard reset and sending a bug report) the problem with my clock not keeping time still rumbles along.

    Not only is the clock unable to tell the correct time, but the phone is sluggish and at time unresponsive, all since ICS.

    I recently spoke with someone in the customer service dept at HTC as I'm not happy about having a phone which is less that 6 months old and is useless. During the conversation I mentioned the forums and asked had they not seen that this issue wasn't only affecting me but also other users - I was surprised to be told that a) they don't monitor forums to see what problems their users are encountering but more surprisingly that b) they are not aware of the clock problem being a big issue as they have had no other reports!

    So my advice - if you have a problem with a slow running clock then log it with HTC suport. I guess the more users that report it as an issue the quicker they will release a patch!!​
  14. gerob76

    gerob76 New Member

    My HTC Sensation also exhibiting the slow clock problem. Not noticed any other difficulties though.
    Battery life has always only been about 6 hours if I actually use the phone - even with bluetooth and GPS off.
  15. ziddey

    ziddey Well-Known Member

    Anything come of this? I've got the same problem. I get poor reception at my house, so I was using TMO wifi calling. It seems like sometimes I lose close to a minute an hour if not more. Sometimes I can go a day and still have the clock be in sync.

    Now, I'm switching the radio (and wifi calling) off when at home since I have sip calling setup. Phone's been off the charger for 14 hours so far, but the radio's only been switched off for about 11 hours. My clock is 34 minutes slow currently. Toggle the radio back on and it'll sync right up again.

    Looks like I'll have to use an ntp client.
  16. rugbyandroid

    rugbyandroid Active Member

    Hi Ziddey,

    Nothing came of this 'offically'. When I spoke to the HTC helpdesk they said that they were not aware of this being a common fault on the Sensation as they do not monitor the forums.

    I did however complain until the offered to give me a new phone, and I'm now the proud owner of a HTC Once X and so far the clock and all the other problems I had have gone.

    I'd suggest you log it on the HTC website as a fault.
  17. skgoli

    skgoli New Member

    I have a similar issue with HTC vivid after ICS update. Putting my phone in "Airplane mode" and putting it in "Normal" mode fixed the time. May be ICS does not sync network time more often.
  18. Wazza66

    Wazza66 Active Member

    If youve not yet done it then do a factory restore, it is always recommended after a big update which ICS was to sort out a few bugs....Remember to back up your stuff though...I haven`t had any trouble with my clock, just the Wifi doesn`t work as good as it did with GB...I was told to do a factory restore as soon as i get ICS from someone who gets info from HTC........
  19. cdenverc

    cdenverc New Member

    same thing is happening to me :(. HTC vivid user.
  20. david slater

    david slater New Member

    having same issues phone runs a couple of mins slow every day, its getting so annoying now, and i have submitted a ticket to htc, waiting on a response, but doubt anything will come of it, will be scrapping it come contract renewal time if they dont come up with a fix soon
  21. ziddey

    ziddey Well-Known Member

  22. dpearce33

    dpearce33 New Member

    I had been aware of this problem but thought I was one of the lucky ones as my Sensation always kept good time even though it is on ICS. That is until recently. I started to use a golf GPS app (FreeCaddie) and whenever I use this app I get the time loss other people report. (about 20 minutes loss in 4 hours). If I pull the battery and restart the phone, it reverts to the proper time and all is then OK. I have gone through all my other apps that use GPS but none of them cause this problem. The apps developer is stumped and says that no-one else has reported this problem.
  23. dpearce33

    dpearce33 New Member

    I started to have this problem with my Sensation. It only happened when I ran a certain app which lead me to believe that it was the app that was responsible - WRONG
    In my case the problem was not the ICS update (love it) but the HTC Sense UI (3.6)
    I went to Settings/Apps/All - HTC Sense
    Click on Disable
    Click on Stop App & Clear Data
    Restart Phone
    I the found that HTC Sense had re-enabled and the option to disable was now greyed out.
    All timing issues have disappeared

    May not work for everyone but worth a try

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