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  1. SomeFknGuy

    SomeFknGuy New Member

    Hello all, i've had my revo for about 3 days and am finally starting to put some music on it...however i've ran into a snag... When i go to copy music to the device via USB it transfers about 3 songs, then stops for 5-10 seconds, then transfers 3-4 songs, then stops, rinse and repeat. the data gets there but its taking significantly longer than it should just to transfer the music to the device... has anyone else noticed an issue like this on the revolution?

  2. hedylogus

    hedylogus Member

    while i haven't transferred any music yet, i have transferred several video files--without any perceivable delay.

    exactly what time lengths are we talking? is it taking you 1 min to transfer 200MB or 200 min to transfer 1MB?

    the rev has usb 2.0, so assuming your computer hardware is 2.0, and your cable isn't garbage, then you should be experiencing a realistic data rate b/t 10 - 40MBps.
  3. Haxcid

    Haxcid Well-Known Member

    Windows is reading the mass storage device as a USB 1.0 device... common issue with android phones. I had this issue with my Eris every other time I connected it and now I have the same issue with my Revo.

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