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SLOW Work in progress, porting custom recovery over

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  1. vxbinaca

    vxbinaca Member

    Which am I flashing?


    Same thing as MFG described before, runs through the steps and halts while flashing. Crossing my fingers I still have a phone.

    Edit 2:

    Phone not ruined. I'm down for testing.

  2. YA, i'm not sure what steps to take next as far as figuring it out. I think it is odd that the update.zip is 1 meg, the recovery image zipped is over 5. I feel like I am missing something there. But, still on my own as far as figuring it out, unless someone here can find the right keyphrase to search for.

    mini man and vx. In my post where I posted the first attempt at update.zip, i ran down the simple instructions. The reason I put the recovery.img.zip was for if anyone wanted to unpack it and play with it.
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  3. ace7196

    ace7196 New Member

    Any update? Has the RZrecovery guy given any help?
  4. nothing back from rzrecovery guy. I think he is just living life. I have not worked on this lately. I just can't find any info on where to go now.
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  5. vxbinaca

    vxbinaca Member

    Ask that MysteryEmotionez guy on XDA, he seems to be the only one who gives a damn about this handset or anything that isn't HTC on Verizon.
  6. I posted a request for help thread over at xda, we'll see if it gets anywhere.
  7. HTML:
    1. http://www.acsyndicate.net/how-to-porting-cwm-to-other-devices-windows/
    will try some of the customization parts at the bottom when get home later into weekend. For anyone wanting to attempt to build, this guid is pretty much on spot, any quibbles can be handles by just reading the terminal output and adjusting the input.
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  8. Tweaked a bit ref that other post. Not much changed I think though, but here are the outputs.
    md5sum for update.zip
    Code (Text):
    1. fa3297f8e41bf90fcecb95c686202524  update.zip
    mdsum for recovery.img.zip
    Code (Text):
    1. 33c28b347a5865da451a1a241a220c59  recovery.img.zip

    [edit 1]I tried using dd command to flash the recovery.img. Nothing...anyone with stock recovery want to try out the update.zip? Remember to backup your stuff first since it automatically wipes /data

    [edit 2] boot looped my phone again. stupid. luckily i know enough now to just attach usb. push the original recovery to sd card. get into shell, then dd the orig recovery and i'm back. the crappy thing is it wiped everything. Since I did do a really good backup with titanium last time I shouldn't have an issue getting back, but dang...

    [edit 3] tried the update.zip. still freezes.... bang.. head.. on .. desk...going to play xbox now.

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  9. vxbinaca

    vxbinaca Member

    Why not just test it before you post? Just to see if it works (spoilers: The next 5 bakes will do the exact same thing).

    Android devs are such an awesome community. Abandoning an entire handset to only be worked on by novices out of sheer frustration, refusing to help them, focusing only on HTC handsets on Verizon networks.

    I think I can safely unwatch this thread since this is going nowhere. June is a 3 check month, I'll get a new handset after serious research and confirmation CWM and CM await my phone when I get it home and kiss this turd goodbye. Into the trash it will go.

    Spoilers: That stock ICS update promissed by TMO, not coming for the Q.
  10. miniman1013

    miniman1013 Member

    ...is this dead then? :'(
  11. vxbinaca

    vxbinaca Member

    Yes. None of the devs support phones with keyboards anymore, or phones that aren't Samsung/HTC-Verizon. As valiant as as his efforts are he's a novice and no ones helping him, because all the real experienced devs are working on Samsung/HTC-Verizon handsets

    Chuck that hunk of shit into a river and go out and get a real phone.

    Lesson learned: don't ever buy LG hardware no matter how tempting the price point.
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  12. strumcat

    strumcat Member

    Misterfamilyguy, I just wanted to say thank-you for all your efforts. This is a valuable thread even though you didn't get Clockworkmod Recovery ported like you wanted. Just being able to root the MyTouch Q and know some of the things to be careful about are a lot better than nothing. You made a valiant effort and that deserves credit. Thanks.
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  13. vxbinaca

    vxbinaca Member

    You'd better be real ****in' careful with what you do to your phone, theres no way to undo most of it, a since the software only does a /data wipe, and not a full restore of the phone.

    You've been warned. You should have been warned to not buy the phone in the first place.
  14. Yes, sorry all but i've given up. Couldn't figure it out. I don't know why devs don't jump on keyboard cells . Even the HTC retouch 4g slide isnt well supported. I don't think the new Huawei slide will be deved . So , I gotta get my q warranty replaced from messing with it and sell it on craigslist for quarters on the dollar. I got myself a HTC sensation 4g . It has a lot of devs currently I got ics Rom on it. Sorry to all but I just don't know enough to figure it out .
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  15. vxbinaca

    vxbinaca Member

    See, even the self-appointed guy who was supposed to dev for this piece of shit, ended up selling it.

    Anyone reading this: Don't root your Q, sell it and get a real god damned phone.
  16. Mr Biggles

    Mr Biggles New Member

    You seem a little bitter, amigo.

    I like my Q. I rooted it, paid for the pro version of Titanium Backup, froze the bloatware and all the things I don't use. My battery life doubled and the phone works great. Slider or not, it's an entry level phone with somewhat out of date specs. I did a little research so I knew that when I got it. I'm not surprised the devs don't support it. I got it anyway because it was the only android phone they'd give me on a cheap-ass no data talk and text plan. In a way, I'm somewhat thankful that there aren't numerous ROMs and whatever available for it. It will keep me from messing with it so much that I finally brick it.
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  17. Quixote

    Quixote New Member

    At the risk of beating a dead horse (Hiding his baseball bat), I am wondering if anyone wants to resurrect this now that LG has released the source code.

    Additionally I think I found someone interested in working on a CWM-R port. But I need the following information, and my phone is soft-brick'd.

    /proc/mtd (if exists)
    /proc/emmc (if exists)

    Stock recovery.log -- Check /cache/recovery/last_log or /tmp/recovery.log
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  18. miniman1013

    miniman1013 Member

    there's no emmc, but everything else is here - THANK YOU for trying this dude!!!!!!

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  19. ThatIndianGuy

    ThatIndianGuy New Member

    I looked at the XDA forum that OP posted and realized he put it in the "Upgrading, Modifying and Unlocking" section. I think that section is for network unlock/hardware mods. Someone should move it to the "Android Software and Hacking General"
  20. Quixote

    Quixote New Member

    I have received a recovery image to test (build1.img) but I am not sure what I need to do to go from the img to the update.zip

  21. miniman1013

    miniman1013 Member

  22. vxbinaca

    vxbinaca Member

    >dude takes up Q dev.
    >figures out how hard it really is.
    >realizes theres no stock image to flash back to, and mobile support tool is utterly worthless. russian roulette every time he flash_images.
    >none of the CWM devs want to help, are focused on Samsung/HTC Verizon phones.
    >makes a couple of update.zips that do nothing based on instructions for an entirely different phone (don't even use that Del Streak thread it's ****ing useless and didn't help MFG).
    >gives up like misterfamilyguy and mysteryemotionez did, sells their turd phones on CL to get a real handset. does better things with life.

    That how it happenes. Every single time. And how it will end up the next time.

    It's over guys. Give up already.
  23. brettvanpelt

    brettvanpelt Member

    i know this is off key, but here i go. does anyone know how to edit the build.prop the right way so the "stock" android lock screen works right? everytime i change "user.feature.lock_sui=true" to this "user.feature.lock_andy=true" the phone loads the stock lock screen. however;when i go to unlock it, the damn thing restarts back to the lock screen every time. what really pisses me off is i got to reflash "V10D_00.kdz" using some program i found online called "updater", what it does is let me reinstall the .kdz file again. this little program i found is not same as the mobile tool lg has for us to use if u cared to know. so who ever made this program your awesome u saved my phone about 5 times now. and if anyone has found any hope of an half ass recovery let me know thanks
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  24. vtinoc

    vtinoc Member

    I know this is not what you hope for but can you link to that "updater"
    program im bricked.
  25. brettvanpelt

    brettvanpelt Member

    here is the zip file hope it un bricks phone, did mine lol. u well need to find the .kdz file to flash i got it but its to big to post on here. how u use, u click the exe file to get it to run.

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