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SLOW Work in progress, porting custom recovery over

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  1. vtinoc

    vtinoc Member

    ok got flasher found .kdz file but it dont work wich on im i looking for.

  2. brettvanpelt

    brettvanpelt Member

    the file name is V10D_00.kdz i have the file is u need me to torrent it.

    if phone stuck in on the android boot screen just run the flasher while its on the boot screen. did on mine and it worked.

    http://www.mediafire.com/?wohb5u6k0zh8dr0 follow this link for the download of v10D_00.KDZ. let me know if it works
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  3. brettvanpelt

    brettvanpelt Member

    however i don't think that's the right .kdz file put u can try it. if u cant get it to flash that one than let me know. i well upload my V10D_00.kdz if u need it
  4. vtinoc

    vtinoc Member

    Thank You so much you helped me un brick my phone.
    This is how i did it.

    1: Download and install Drivers from LG site Mines is C800VL. http://www.lg.com/us/products/documents/LG_OSP2.0_Setup_2.0.07.20111130.exe

    2: Download and install LGMobile Support Tool leave open i read it is needed to flash. http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/client/app/B2CAppSetup.exe

    3: Download the .kdz file Its for C800DG but works for C800VL , C800VL don't have a kdz file at least i don't know i looked every where. V10D_00(C800DG).kdz - 4shared.com - online file sharing and storage - download

    4: Open LGMobile Support Tool leave open.

    5: Download the Flasher from post one
    http://androidforums.com/attachment...s-porting-custom-recovery-over-updater-2-.zip unzip and install msxml.msi included with zip
    open KDZ_FW_UPD.exe set to 3GQCT - Smart Phone(WM)
    browse for KDZ file (V10D_00(C800DG).kdz)
    click lunch software update and you should be in S/W Upgrade mode wait for program to finish if it errors leave phone in update mode and click lunch software update again.
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  5. brettvanpelt

    brettvanpelt Member

    That's good you got it fixxed. Btw u loss root when u do that but u already know this by now. I never needed the lg support tool tho worked without that.

    Ad is there anyone who knows how to edit the build.pro:(p so the stock aosp Lockscreen runs. I hate the lg slide up unlocker. I know there is widget locker but the mytouch q has the aosp lockcreen built into it just hidden. I can only get it to half work.
  6. brettvanpelt

    brettvanpelt Member

    ok so got the aosp lockscreen (stock) to work on the mytouch q. so i had to download this attached file un pack the zip file and find android.provider.jar and copy it over the file in system/framework. than i renamed user.feature.lock_sui to user.feature.lock_andy in build.prop than it worked. however it seems the lockscreen is not displaying the right way. does anyone know why this is displaying an little off? i dont know much about jar files and what not so some help would be awesome

    Attached Files:

  7. Sypherxx

    Sypherxx New Member

    Thankyou to everyone devoted to the C800. I admit Im pretty new to mobile deving but am a pretty technical guy. I dont know if i missed what im looking for but, I rooted my phone using super one click, and all went well. Now I want to sell my phone And I want to get back to original rom and stock out of the box state. I ve heard talk of a program called Odin Im not sure if this will work as I cant even find a file containg the stock ROM. any help would be apreciated thanx team.
  8. vtinoc

    vtinoc Member

    If you want root on phone and set to stock you can hard reset phone
    Important: A hard reset restores the original factory settings and erases content, including downloaded ringtones, images, programs, and contacts stored in the internal memory. This feature allows for resetting of sound profiles, display settings, and phone or memory card settings. To perform a hard reset using the hardware keys, follow these steps: Note: Timing is critical in pressing/releasing keys. Back up all necessary data. See: Preparing for a master reset on Android. Turn off the phone. Note: If the phone is unresponsive and does not turn off, remove the battery and then re-insert it. Press and simultaneously hold the Volume Down, Qwerty F, and Qwerty A keys. Press and hold the Power/Lock key. Release only the Power/Lock key after you see the LG logo. Note: If you see the Android shooting up, the reset hasnt been completed and you will need to restart. Release the remaining keys after the LG logo flashes. The Android Unpacking screen appears. The phone will restart and complete the factory reset.

    if you want to remove root and set to stock use super one click click Unroot
    then use Hard reset
  9. vtinoc

    vtinoc Member

    I have found the emergency mode for the LG Mytouch Q C800
    Vol up + Key E + Power Please Test to confirm this works.
  10. ThatIndianGuy

    ThatIndianGuy New Member

    Any update on CWM Recovery progress? I just want to know.
  11. brettvanpelt

    brettvanpelt Member

    can anyone here make it so that Phone.apk uses the stock gingerbread lockscreen?/ dailer
  12. strumcat

    strumcat Member

    Hm. Now that there are clear instructions for rooting the LG MyTouch Q (msg #1), unrooting it (msg #58), and unbricking it (msg #54), I'm gonna go ahead and root it. Big thanks to MisterFamilyGuy, vtinoc. and especially brettvanpelt for the unbricking information.
  13. brettvanpelt

    brettvanpelt Member

    Got the lockscreen to work good. Just need to fix it so the lg lockscreen does not come up during an phone call.

    So if any one wants to try out the stock lockscreen I know how to get it working, other than during an phone call.

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  14. vxbinaca

    vxbinaca Member

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  15. strumcat

    strumcat Member

    The Jenkins page is kaput. However, I snagged the archive.zip for the c800 86304ef9982d045fd52d904a2b9a5740 build before it went away. Is this a ClockWorkMod recovery image for c800? If so, is it based on the stock recovery image from message #1 or what?

    Been having a blast with my rooted c800. Installed Zeam launcher which is very lightweight but all I need. Noticed that freezing the idiotic Genius button and Dragon speech causes big instability problems, with frequent slowdowns, and reboots. Unfreezing them fixes the problem. Freezing all the Google stuff just erases your Google account from the phone, so you have to unfreeze it all and input it again, but no harm done.

    The process sys.Manager is actually a rootkit installed by T-Mobile called Carrier IQ. There's a very good removal program by TrevE at the Play Store for .99 named Logging Removal Key, but you have to first download the main part of the program from his website at Android Security Test | Home to Logging Test App . It's called Logging Test App, and I'm using version 13. It also fixes a bunch of other security issues. The brick warnings are loud and clear, but it has worked fine on my c800 so far.

    You can also install a (non-chroot!) version of Debian or Ubuntu on your SD card that works alongside Android. Just get Debian-Kit app from Play Store and read the clear instructions. The GUI works, but is way too slow on my phone. Includes package management capability so you can install whatever you want from Debian or Ubuntu repositories.

    Some other favorite apps are K9 email, APG (GPG for android), Avast antivirus (includes a firewall for blocking adware that tries to phone home), DaTuner Pro (an excellent guitar tuner), DroidEdit programmer's editor, Luks Manager for encryption, and Orbot (Tor for Android, works great).

    I like ROM Toolbox Pro for tinkering with my system, but don't use the fonts installer or the boot animation changer, or any of the other stuff on that third tab. First two tabs everything works ok. JRUMMY claims that ROM Toolbox Pro is like ROM Manager, Titanium Backup, and some other big-name stuff all put together.

    SD-Maid is good for cleaning up your SD card, getting rid of duplicate files, etc. Total Commander is about the best file manager, but X-Plore and Ghost Commander are also good.

    Android Terminal Emulator by Jack Palevich is better than ConnectBot in my opinion, for accessing the Android (or Linux) commandline.

    If you like widgets, some of the best ones are Voice Notify, Whiteboard Pro, Micro CPU Monitor, Make Your Clock, and the IP widget by Dieter Thiess.

    Quick Pic is good for viewing images, and Text Secure is good for keeping your text messages private and backing them up. Angel Browser isn't very well known, but works great and is highly configurable. One of the few Android Browsers with proxy settings.

    OK, I'll shut up now. :)
  16. strumcat

    strumcat Member

    Ordered a Samsung Galaxy Nexus late last night from the Google Play Store for $350. I sure hope it gets shipped before the Apple injunction goes into effect. I have CWM, fastboot, stock ROMs, Cyanogenmod-9 beta1, and preliminary Jellybean ROM waiting for it on my hard drive. But I'm keeping my C800. It's a lot of fun.
  17. vtinoc

    vtinoc Member

    Hi strumcat can you please upload to mediafire.com or where you like and post thank you for grabbing it.

  18. mudtub

    mudtub Active Member

    Hey friends,
    I have this phone, and I downloaded the source from LG. To extract the archives, they must be renamed to .tar
    Following the instructions in the enclosed readme, I'm downloading the gingerbread source into the folder. Looking through the source, this should make a clean AOSP build. No LG or T-Mobile bullshit added at all.
    I'll let y'all know the result.
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  19. mudtub

    mudtub Active Member

    You can find it here:
    Open Source Main
  20. vtinoc

    vtinoc Member

    Hi mudtub I hope you can build this from source.
    I tried and failed lol I'm such a newbe.
    If you do build we will be able to flash within the android recovery menu.
    Thank you for your work.
  21. mudtub

    mudtub Active Member

    I don't think that we can make a .zip with what LG provided. Likely, it makes files for fastboot. Less is provided for the C800 as compared to the E739.
    Setting up a proper build environment for this is... trifling. Mostly because I'm building in Ubuntu 12.04. I finally seem to be getting somewhere, though. :D

    So, to install this, theoretically, you would download the files I provide, then run
    Code (Text):
    1. adb reboot bootloader
    Code (Text):
    1. fastboot flashall -w
    when it is in fastboot mode.

    As for making a clockwork or otherwise recovery, with these files it should be possible.

    It seems to be compiling okay now. We'll see in a bit.
  22. strumcat

    strumcat Member

    I uploaded the archive86304ef9982d045fd52d904a2b9a5740.zip, a screenshot of the Jenkins page, and the console output from the build to 4squared. Please be aware that I haven't tried these files out and I have no idea if they work or not.

    Use them at your own risk.

    Just go to 4shared folder - My 4shared (free signup) and download away.
  23. strumcat

    strumcat Member

    Thanks for the help. mudtub!
  24. mudtub

    mudtub Active Member

    I finally got a successful build, and yes, they are image files. :beer:
    I will open a new thread, since this is AOSP and not a recovery.
  25. mudtub

    mudtub Active Member

    This is what is in /out/target/product/generic when we have a successful build.

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