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  1. craighannah

    craighannah New Member

    hi im new to android, had my lg for bout 3 months now and its started running really slow past month or 2, texting is incredibly slow and when ever i do anything on their its just so slow... why is this?

  2. JccageX2

    JccageX2 Well-Known Member

    Do you have a load of Widgets and stuff running, that could cause some Lag. But I do get some lag on the phone from time to time, if its happening a lot you may want to reset it.
  3. RooBoonix

    RooBoonix Member

    i had the same problem, i have a new phone now as this one i found was just terribly slow and boring, it made a small difference closing some widgets, i used a task killer but it made no big difference, so i got a new phone which is a samsung galaxy europa and it is great!!!

    Hope you get this sorted :)

  4. spla5hmummy

    spla5hmummy New Member

    I've got this problem. I'll type out a text fast and then have to wait a minute while the letters I've typed crawl across my screen agnonizingly slowly. I think it's at least partly related to the amount of texts I have stored currently. I wouldnt be surprised if having received photos kept in messaging affects it too.

    I also tried a task killer to little effect. I don't run many widgets, only have calender up at the moment. I do have AVG anti virus running on my phone but the problem pre-dates its installation.

    I get the impression Android suffers from the same malady every version of MS Windows has. The longer you have it installed the more bloated and less efficient it gets. It's more of a problem on a phone though, I can't just upgrade my RAM or processor like on my PC!

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