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  1. deathfairy

    deathfairy New Member

    i have a the upper right corner, right beside the battery icon, i have a "g" and two arrows underneath. does anyone know what this is and how i can disable it? Thx

  2. Ijaz Ahmed

    Ijaz Ahmed Well-Known Member

    That "G" stands for GPRS service which is activated on your SIM card by your service provider. The symbol "G" is showing that your phone has active data connection. It costs too much if you don't have unlimited data plan.

    To disable it, do one of the following

    1) Delete the APN (Access Point Name) from Settings--Wireless and network--Mobile Networks--Access Point Names

    2) or Uncheck "Use Packet Data" from Settings--Wireless and network--Mobile Networks
  3. sara32

    sara32 New Member

    Does anyone have step by step instructions how to change a G symbol with 2 arrows into 3G on a Samsung Galaxy w?
  4. Peteragent5

    Peteragent5 Well-Known Member

    funny! I have a small h
  5. eezee

    eezee Member

    Two related questions.
    In my case I have a capital 'H'. Is there a list somewhere that explains the various codes ?

    How can you tell/check what speed your phone is accessing ?
  6. eezee

    eezee Member


    Come on folks, surely someone out there has an answer ??

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