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  1. Sims23

    Sims23 New Member

    Can anyone help me out? I rooted my phone and using the superuser tool app I tried to modify my display density and when the phone rebooted it cam up with the LG logo saying:
    Secure booting Error!
    Cause: boot certification verify

    Enter the fastboot....
    Enter the fastboot....

    Long time no see!

    I'm very new to this and have no idea what to do to fix this or if it can be fixed, anyone please help?

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Hi Sims23, and welcome to AF,

    This is fixable, but I don't know how this display density change works. If it's a user setting then a factory reset will fix it, but if it's a change in /system then all that will do is erase your apps and data without fixing the problem.

    Did you take a backup from recovery (a nandroid backup) before doing this? If so then restoring that will fix it.

    In the worst case you might have to reflash some software. I think the best bet is if you ask people who know your device and its software. If you tell us what LG model you have we can move this to the appropriate forum.
  3. Sims23

    Sims23 New Member

    Thank you very much. I've tried a factory reset and it did nothing so I'm guessing it's not a user thing. I had a back up, but it was from an app not a nandroid, I couldn't get clockwork onto my phone and anytime I tried to enter recovery mode I was told that it couldn't gain access. The phone is an LG Lucid VS840 with the latest update. I appreciate the quick response and the help very much, just letting me know it's fixable is a huge relief!
  4. ozzy8160

    ozzy8160 Member

    ics is still very locked down so any changes to system files results in security errors upon reboot, the best fix would be to go to the lg website and download the lg mobile support tool it will reflash stock ics if u have any prob pm me

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