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  1. TonyConvict

    TonyConvict Well-Known Member

    Can anyone get the stock smart share app for this phone.... that was one feature I love using but I only have the LG esteems smart share app and it tells me manufacture mismatch... could it be telling me that cause I changed the build.prop to Samsung nexus?

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  2. LightenLhar

    LightenLhar Well-Known Member

    That seems entirely likely the case, however, if the galaxy nexus has a smartshare app, you could probably get ahold of it from their forums and run it that way
  3. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Here is the stock one for the connect-place in system/app folder-reboot or install after download.
    Why did you change the build prop to a Samsung Nexus BTW:confused:
    Moving this to the root side-FYI:)
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  4. TonyConvict

    TonyConvict Well-Known Member

    I changed the build.prop to nexus so I can play unsupported games... I now have modern combat 2 & 3, Nova 2 & 3, Max Payne, Mass Effect, the Sims.... and may I say graphics are wonderful on this beast of a machine
  5. TonyConvict

    TonyConvict Well-Known Member

    Is there any way the apk file can be modified so it can be used by any brand phone? Such as maybe bypassing the manufacturer check or something?
  6. mrbowser

    mrbowser New Member




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