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Smartphones vs Tablets

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  1. yohobojo

    yohobojo Well-Known Member

    Which do YOU prefer and why? And which Smartphone/Tablet would you buy according to what you prefer.

  2. i VTAK

    i VTAK Well-Known Member

    Since a tablet is too big to carry in my pocket, I vote for my smartphone. Plus my EVO is near tablet size anyhow.
  3. sonofaresiii

    sonofaresiii Well-Known Member

    I have no desire for a tablet, I've got a nice little netbook that does everything I need for portable computing...

    but then, if I DID have a tablet, I'd probably find I can't live without it.

    But between my netbook and my phone, I feel like I'm pretty much covered.
  4. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Well-Known Member

    Hmm... I would vote smartphone. I have an Evo, but I also have a Nook Color which I've turned into a full blown Gingerbread running tab. I still consider my Evo my primary device. I can still do virtually everything I can do on my Nook, on my Evo. Nook does handle browsing and video viewing a bit better because of the extra screen real estate, but my Evo does just fine in that category too.

    I will eventually sell my Nook, its a nice little tablet and I enjoy everything I can do on it. But the smartphone will always be most important to me in my book.
  5. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Well-Known Member

    Smartphone due to the easy transport in your coat or pants pocket. And they can do most all of it. So far the tablet dose not make a phone call.
  6. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    Vote for the smart phone as well tablet is a nice you but phone can do e same thing at half of the size. Plus I also pack a netbook if something needs to be done most of the time I can do it on my phone tho.the only complaint is my evo's battery but I can live for now.
  7. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    One thinks, apples vs oranges here....it's like saying washing machines vs gas cookers. I prefer gas cookers for cooking my food, but I also prefer washing machines for washing my clothes.

    I mean something like the Apple iPad makes for a rather poor 'smartphone', e.g. one can't make phone calls with it and it wont fit in one's pocket. The Galaxy Tab can make phone calls, but one has to use BT or a wired headset, and again it's hardly pocket sized.

    Just like 'sonofaresiii', I also have a netbook(running Linux Mint) which serves for all my portable computing needs. So have no need for a much more limited tablet.
  8. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    I own a laptop and a phone. This combo of devices gives me pretty much all the functionality I need. The laptop is for heavy data entry. My phone is for portability and phone calls. A tablet doesn't add enough functionality for me to worth paying hundreds of dollar for. The only feature I really want from a tablet is the long battery life while unplugged.
  9. Jakeula

    Jakeula Member

    I love my Evo to death I'm nearly never on it, so I have to say smartphone. It can go anywhere easier and handles all my day-to-day tasks with ease, tablets have a lot to offer as well sure, but less than a laptop(disk drive).
  10. AmneonX

    AmneonX Well-Known Member

    I am going to be the odd one out and say both.

    I have the sprint version of the Galaxy Tab and I use that when wick is available. I use my phone more, but I def love having my tab.
  11. ForeverNewb

    ForeverNewb Well-Known Member

    Definattly both smartphone for on the go/phone calls/SMS and tablet for web and high rez apps. I find a laptop is too bulky for viewing random websites and youtube while im being lazy but my smartphone screen is too small to share.

    Theres nothing better then a galaxy tab controlling the music at parties. Its small and out of the way any most people dont have to worry about getting a text ot call to it, if you have a phone aswell.

    KENNECTED Well-Known Member

    Not exactly true. The European version of the samsung tablet can make calls.
  13. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    Smartphone...they are bulky enough as it is. Why carry around a 1983 sized android device AND an android phone
  14. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    If I could only have one or the other, definitely a smartphone.
  15. San Antone RR

    San Antone RR Well-Known Member

    I have an MT4G and a Dell Streak 5. I am using the Streak as a tablet, but may end up tossing the SIM in the Streak and let the MT4G go.
    That and a netbook and I am set.
  16. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member

    I did want a tablet until I looked at some ebook samples on my Droid X recently. Now I'm not so gung ho about getting a tablet. If I do it has to bring something different like the HTC one with the pen.

    Maybe if I had a phone with a smaller screen I would want a tablet more. I dont have a laptop, and I can understand ppl with laptops not being interested in tablets.

    But just like with laptops, tablets bring even more portability to the table. Even if it cant do as much as a laptop.
  17. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    I have used tablets and personally don't understand the obsession. If I had some money to blow on a device I would use only when taking trips, a tablet would be great. For reading for any considerable length of time, I recommend an ereader with e-ink. Much easier on the eyes anyway.
  18. Fetch Questman

    Fetch Questman Well-Known Member

    Which do I prefer? That's like asking me if I prefer a TV or a microwave.

    I use my tablet way more than my phone as far as time per day goes. But my phone seems more critical. I will say between my phone and my tablet I rarely if ever use a computer for personal reasons anymore. I vote both.

    Posted from my iPad
  19. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    Lol soooo which one is a TV and which one is a microwave in relation to the tablet vs smartphone? :p I'm not comprehending your analogy. haha jk bro.
  20. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Neither. I use both. They're not mutually exclusive. For me, they fit entirely different needs.

    Why assume that you have to carry around both all the time? I carry the pad when I need/want it.
  21. golfbiz

    golfbiz Well-Known Member

    Defintely smartphone. My wife has an iPad and it really seems silly to me. But I have an under 3 lb 12 inch thinkpad that blows her iPad away for my needs, doing actual work out of the house/work with MS Office, typing emails, editing photos, etc. I can also do all the stuff she does with photos, etc with photoshop loaded as well as fireworks. My smartphone I use for emails, texting, surfing the internet, navigation & wireless teather for my laptop away from wifi and of course talking on the phone. Heck her iPad can't even surf the web unless she is near wifi or begs me to use my phone to wirelessly teather since she doesn't have the 3G feature, plus please no video watching without flash, seems more like an expensive toy to me but as long as she likes it, works for me. I also carry a great small digital camera, so those 3 are my basic necessities...all that said about iPad, Apple is maybe one of the best brand marketing companies in history as while I don't personally own or use any of their products I do own their stock which has done incredibly well the last two years.
    jroc likes this.
  22. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    Tablets haven't yet made an impression on me. Like a previous poster said, having an EVO kinda negates the size argument somewhat.

    If I had to pick, I'd go smartphone. For now.
  23. cds0699

    cds0699 Well-Known Member

  24. ebusinesstutor

    ebusinesstutor Well-Known Member

    I have both. I have had a smartphone for a couple of years and just got an Android tablet.

    The tablet is wifi only. The smartphone is 3G and wifi so it is always connected.

    I use the tablet for:
    -primary news reader
    -primary ebook reader
    -portable gaming

    I use the smart phone for
    -backup news reader
    -tides tables
    -ferry schedules
    -Foursquare checkin

    While the tablet will do the same things the smart phone will, it only works on wifi so I use it less for those things.

    But I love my tablet for ebook reading news and mobile games and vastly prefer it for these over the smart phone

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