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Smashed the screen on my S2 :(Support

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  1. ytrebil

    ytrebil Well-Known Member

    This sucked! I without realising dropped my phone outside on some heavy gravel and stepped on it

  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    I've read some where in the forum that you can replace the screen. Try searching for screen replacement. I am using my phone to browse so a little difficult to search it out for you.
  3. scotty001

    scotty001 Well-Known Member

    alternately if you have phone insurance through your bank account or separate you can claim on that and will prob be cheaper, I tend to find that a lost phone is replaced much much quicker than a repaired phone. but the phone must be lost as they insurance co will brick it so it cant be used again, not sure if they can tell its been turned on again and track it tho, im sure they can as you STILL get a signal through to the phone when they block the IMEI
  4. ytrebil

    ytrebil Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys
  5. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

  6. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    The Home screen button is held in by 2 rubber tab things that extend either side of it, and insert into the main body, it's not attached to the screen. The speaker grill is glued to the main bezel underbody.

    I only replaced the screen on mine, I'd link the ebay listing/seller but they have no stock of anything for sale at the moment, weird, I've had the new screen for over 4 months and it's fine.

    The seller was forceviewer_evo, and I don't know why, but there are many shops/sellers called forceviewer_something.
  7. ytrebil

    ytrebil Well-Known Member

  8. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    Here is a strip down guide for the phone with pics:
    Samsung Galaxy S II Teardown - iFixit

    Behind the glass layers and matrix, is a circuitboard, I don't think you'll be able to just replace a glass layer, so you'll be up for about $160 for a new screen unit.

    edit - the front of the bezel isn't shown in the guide, so here it is, the color on yours may vary, mine was just black instead of turquoise (this is from a white S2 I think - chrome speaker grille) :

    The screen is stuck onto it with that double sided glue tape stuff, and a tab of circuitry goes through one of the holes and plugs around into the circuitboard on the other side.
  9. Peninsula

    Peninsula Member

    Hey ytrebil, this is a copy/paste from another thread where I posted what happened to me last week:

    Hey all, just adding my experience to this thread in case someone in the UK finds it useful. I didn't have insurance by the way :(

    As the touchscreen still worked, it was just the outer glass that was broken, I initially thought about removing the glass from the AMOLED/digitizer and replacing just this glass 'faceplate'. But I decided not to attempt this myself after reading up on the potential difficulty!

    A bit of googling the screen with digitizer found the cost to be a bit steep (
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  10. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Well done for finding the best way to help the OP. :D

    Unfortunately it works in the UK, but is not a recourse to everyone....
  11. ytrebil

    ytrebil Well-Known Member

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  12. ytrebil

    ytrebil Well-Known Member

    Could you give me details of the store you called into? Thanks buddy.
  13. Peninsula

    Peninsula Member

    Yes, to me, bezel means the grey metal strip surrounding the screen. And mine was bashed by a stone too, so good to get the entire front replaced.

    I went to the really big CPW at 272-274 Oxford St, beside John Lewis. Geek Squad is downstairs.

    From memory, any CPW will take it in but if its small and the repair guys aren't on-site they will send it off to a larger one.

    If you're making a special trip to go to CPW I would call ahead and make sure they have a spare screen in stock. I was lucky they had one ready to go. Must be a lot of SII users smashing their screens!! :)
  14. Venkatesh1234

    Venkatesh1234 New Member

    I had smashed my SGS2 and the lens has cracked but Do you need the geek squad insurance if you have to replace the screen or can you just pop into CPW and ask them to replace it and give the

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