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    SmrtGuard for Android is now available and free for life!

    SmrtGuard for Android is now out of beta. Thanks for those who beta tested for us!! Visit from your Android Browser and click on Download!!

    What can you do with SmrtGuard for Android?
    Remote Track
    Remote Wipe Data
    Remote Listen to your Android
    Remote Call-Fwd your Android (for those days that you forgot your Android at home)
    Remote Backup
    Remote Restore
    Loved-one Tracking

    Download and find out :)

  2. SmrtGuard

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    SmrtGuard for Android v2.15 is now published on Android Market

    We have further addressed the issue of GPS draining battery. Please upgrade to v2.15 by going to and click on download on your Android Browser. It will automatically point you to Android Market to download latest SmrtGuard.

  3. DevinB

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    I've already got Mobile Defense. Does your app have anything to offer that Mobile Defense doesn't?
  4. SmrtGuard

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    We do remote listen, back up SMS and Call logs, also provide location history. In addition, you ever switch between smartphones (BB to Android or vice versa), SmrtGuard allows you to migrate data.

    Also, we do remote wipe (microSD included.

    Hope that helps :)

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