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SMS Agent

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  1. lroy

    lroy New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 28, 2010
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    hello all, i posted this in the APP Ideas

    "I like how the PDAnet SMS agent works, but i dont like having to connect a cable and having the phone charing all day as i use it. I would like to see a SMS client (Phone to PC) using the bluetooth connection. and not one like Easysms or remoteSMS where u have to launch so many things to make a connection. Just want clean and simple like the PDAnet sms agent but via bluetooth not USB cable.

    I contacted PDAnet and they said they do not support it now but see how it would be useful and will look into it. I got my fingers crossed an app is on its way from somewhere, ill deff buy it."

    Have yall had luck using SMS clients? pdanet's sms agent via usb works great for me, but id like to have a wireless one. a remote control over my phones sms using PC basically. help?


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