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  1. casper5632

    casper5632 Member

    I have used the stock sms app. It worked well until a while back it kept exiting out a second after I opened it. This would happen about 4 times in a row and was very annoying.

    I then tried GO SMS Pro which worked out for a long time. Now I am getting the issue that sometimes when I type stuff it doesnt actually show up as input. I just end up typing a bit and look at the empty bar. This requires an app restart in order to fix, or if I wait a minute or two the text starts showing up again. I only use swype but I did try with the default keyboard and it still had the same problem.

    When I went back to the stock sms app the same problem I get with go sms pro seems to show up as well. Im sick of adjusting to new sms apps can anyone help me fix either of these problems?

  2. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    Well, you could try going into the manage applications/downloaded/gosmspro and clear the cache and data for the app.
    Now, you will lose any settings for the app and more than likely lose your text messages. So if you need to save any texts, GoSms has the ability to save them to thier cloud server. :)
  3. casper5632

    casper5632 Member

    I've tried that. I don't think its the app itself because this problem seems to show up on any app that requires keyboard input.

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