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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by semperLux, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Jun 6, 2010
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    I've allowed myself two weeks with both Handcent SMS and ChompSMS and I can't see a significant advantage over whatever is in the EVO now. My first experience with android is 2.1 on EVO. Do these apps provide a functionality included in 2.1? What am I supposed to be looking for that makes these two apps better than the stock SMS app? Some guidance pls?

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  2. Frisco

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    Hello Semperlux.

    Many users report going to Handcent or Chomp because of keyboard issues: lag, poor user interface, etc. There are also more choices.

    I agree with you, however; I found no advantage on my Eris to using other than the stock keyboard.. having only tried those apps on a whim in the first place, nothing wrong with what was provided stock keyboard-wise. ;)

    Having said that, this is from the Handcent page:

    Compatible with existed android phones,including HTC Dream,Magic,HERO ,MyTouch 3G,
    Cliq,Droid,Moment,Tattoo,ERIS,Nexus One,Desire,Legend,X10......
    Full Support SMS,MMS including attach picture,movie,audio..... [​IMG]

    Greate customizability,you can define many options on settings window

    Power SMS POP UP Window including SMS Template(Quick Text),Recognize Speech and Speak SMS [​IMG]

    Group Send SMS & MMS, easy people & group select , Sync with your phone contact database [​IMG]

    Beautiful UI ,including different theme and different conversation bubble style (iphone,handcent ,android)...

    Define different ringtone,vibrate,LED,background,signature ,bubble style... for different people [​IMG]

    Support additional font pack ,can display sms message with many beautiful & stylish font

    Include 10 and more countries language pack and will continue support more language

    Many useful functions including Blacklist ,Search SMS & MMS ,Batch Mode for threads & Messages.... [​IMG]

    Support Handcent keyboard (A T9 predict Text keyboard)

    …many more functions are in development
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  3. Frisco

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    ..with apologies for the poor formatting of that text. :eek:
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    I use Handcent for the customizable conversation window and being able to add custom notifications to specific contacts. I'm sure there's a few other differences but those are the biggest draws for me.
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    Same here.

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