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  1. bambertralala

    bambertralala New Member

    I just did a factory reset on my phone because of internal storage issues and I backuped my SMS messages onto my SD Card. I was wondering how long does it take to restore those messages from backup? I knew that there was an app that lets you backup SMS but I couldn't get it because of internal storage space was long. Help :/?

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Welcome to AF, bambertralala.

    It depends on what phone you have? With mine, I have to use the restore option from a menu within the SMS app, it doesn't happen automatically.

    Which phone do you own?
  3. bambertralala

    bambertralala New Member

    Hi El Presidente,

    I own a HTC Wildfire S
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Open the SMS app, hit menu, backup and there should be an option to restore your previous SMS.
  5. bambertralala

    bambertralala New Member

    I've done that already but I'm primarily curious to how long it takes for all the SMS messages to restore completely?
  6. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    *thread moved to HTC Wildfire S forum*
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  7. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    It should be instant. Can you see any .bak or .xml files on the SD Card?
  8. bambertralala

    bambertralala New Member

    I mean my phone did restore my messages but not all of them in fact it still says it is restoring messages.
    I saw the backup on my SD card when I connected it to my laptop but I couldn't see if it was bak. or xml. files.
  9. jubair07

    jubair07 Well-Known Member

    I use this SMS Backup and Restore and restoration works instantly.
  10. Pascabian

    Pascabian New Member

    I've exactly the same problem. Very annoying.

    @bambertralala Did you find a solution??
  11. Pascabian

    Pascabian New Member

    To anyone having the same problem. There is an easy though very annoying solution: Just wait. Took about 7h to restore about 1000 messages. And the important bit is not to do anything else in between, otherwise the application crashes.


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