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  1. justonly

    justonly Member


    Do anyone encounter this issue. Sometimes i can receive, but sometimes my friends say i didn't reply them but in the first place, i did not receive anything.

    only only to a specific person, it happen to other people as well. i try sending myself, i do receive. but sometime i try using another number to send, i did not receive, only after subsequent message, i receive the latest one, but not the first few.

    someone any advice?

  2. Tattycakes

    Tattycakes Well-Known Member Contributor

    Do you have good signal on your handset at all times?

    Do the messages show up late, or never show up at all? Do they show as sent or still sending on the phone of the person who sent them?

    Try getting one of your friends to turn on Delivery Reports on their handset if they can - this will confirm for them once your phone has received the SMS.

    Try your SIMcard in a different phone if you can, to see if it's your SIM/number having the problem, or if it's a problem with the phone itself.
  3. ladious

    ladious Member

    Yeah, I have the same problem. Sometimes when I send message to my friends, the delivery report show me as send successful, but actually my friends didn't receive any message from my phone.

    Its happen frequently, sometimes the message will be send out after i sent second message to the same person. Sometimes the message also will hold few minutes only send out.

    This problem really make me annoying when messaging with my friends.

    Don't know either is phone or SIM card problem.
  4. justonly

    justonly Member

    Im pretty sure my headset are always at good signal. i do not receive late, i dont receive at all.

    i dont think is a headset problem nor the sim card. because i have exchange the phone and still encounter the same problem.

    i really dont know what is wrong.

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