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SMS Converting to MMSSupport

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  1. dontwanttoregi

    dontwanttoregi New Member

    I am a new Samsung Galaxy Attain 4G Owner (roughly 24 hours old) and while I love the phone, it's great, and fast compared to the HTC Wildfire S that I was using. The SMS keeps changing to MMS, I wanted to know if there's a way to change this, without using a 3rd party program, or needing to root my phone. I have tried going through Apps -> Messages -> Clear Data (Like I did on my HTC to solve the same problem) but it didn't do it. I don't like being constricted to only 160 characters, because the way I type isn't shorthand.

    Any help would be appreciated on this, Thanks!

  2. Woxx17

    Woxx17 Active Member

    I dont think there is a way, correct me if im wrong, what I usually do is just use GO SMS app. or any other message app.
  3. dontwanttoregi

    dontwanttoregi New Member

    Thanks for your reply.

    I've heard of Handcent, but I've tried to go through my phone as if I did have an app downloaded for it, but I can't find a way to end the messaging service?

    Also, does the GO SMS app or the Handcent SMS app both look similar to the stock messaging system? I don't normally mind the stock messaging apps, it just chaps my ass how they put that character limit on it, then when you hit it, it automatically goes to MMS >_>
  4. Woxx17

    Woxx17 Active Member

    You can theme the GO SMS app to look stock or anyother way. What GO SMS does is split the messages into multiple ones, rather than send aMMS.
  5. dontwanttoregi

    dontwanttoregi New Member

    Do I have to turn off the notifications from the stock messenger service?

    If so, how do I go about doing that? I'm not too sure.. and can I put my own ringtone on it?
  6. Frozin

    Frozin Well-Known Member

    Yes, go to stock app settings turn off notifications. Go to new sms app settings and go to settings ringtone choose what u want to use
  7. dontwanttoregi

    dontwanttoregi New Member

    With GO SMS I actually didn't have to do any of that, it works with my tone and everything. Plus like I said I went through the stock messenger settings for that setting and it wasn't there so *shrug* Either my phone isn't completely up to date or it's weird. Does the carrier matter? I'm on Metro PCS if that's anything ;-;
  8. Woxx17

    Woxx17 Active Member

    Well I really dont see a problem with using another SMS app. I use it when I send very long messages.
    I think this phone is only available for Metro PCS, so were all on the same network :p
  9. Helper69

    Helper69 Member

    Use the stock app. U can select up to 50 contacts to send. depends on network etc. after you select contact and click done, phone will give 'coverting to mms' notification and send button will be grayed if you have limitation to mms sending amount. either way, start clicking each contact u have selected and it will show you details of that contact. delete all contacts which show no numbers. email addresses or others just delete and the send button will be clickable again. It converts to mms if you have accidentally selected a contact with facebook or email address only information. Now you will be sending as text. Hope this helps. tc.

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