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SMS Error Cause Code: 34 Error Class: 2. Continuing issues (delayed SMS, etc)Support

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  1. TheFrigz

    TheFrigz Well-Known Member

    what the bloody **** is this? i wasn't doing anything differently than usual, then i sent a text message and was greeted with this error code. now i'm getting this error every 10 or so seconds and I'm not even sending any messages! the message reads: Error. Message not sent. Network not responding. Saved in Undelivered messages. Please try again later. but this is clearly untrue because my parents and sister are able to send messages fine, and i keep getting this message even without sending any messages. i've already rebooted twice, and did a 60 second battery pull. can someone help me, this is pissing me off =/

  2. jdsingle

    jdsingle Well-Known Member

    Haha, that's what I get for not reading the last sentence.
  3. TheFrigz

    TheFrigz Well-Known Member

    doesn't my post say that i've tried both of those?

    anyway, i disabled juicedefender temporarily and it seems to have done the trick..not sure why juicedefender would limit my texting ability when i was still at 45%, but oh well..and apparently the two people i was trying to text got about 50-60 messages of the same thing..wowww

    anyway can anyone confirm that it was in fact the juicedefender causing this problem so i'll know for next time?
  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    do a update data profile and PRL update. if those dont work, contact sprint tech and have them refresh your data profile there.

    sounds like you were trying to send or receive an sms and then wanted to use the cellular network to make a call or some such. just sounds like the message is stuck in a loop on the plant (the cellular network) and not necessarily from the handset..
  5. TheFrigz

    TheFrigz Well-Known Member

    idk how to do either of those things but my problem stopped after disabling juicedefender so i wont worry about it.
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  6. TheFrigz

    TheFrigz Well-Known Member

    OK, this is becoming a real problem. At first I was getting SMS Error Cause Code: 34 Error Class: 2, and the error message read something like "error. message not sent. network not responding. saved in undelivered messages. please try again later." only this error message would pop up every 15 seconds regardless of whether or not i was trying to send a message. I eventually removed JuiceDefender, which I believed to be the culprit, and the problem stopped, which confirmed my theory. However, I just recently began having the issue again, and I no longer have JuiceDefender..I ran a PRL update which I thought would fix the problem, only now I'm getting a different error code that says something along the lines of "radio interface resource shortage" or something..Cause Code: 64 Error Class: 2..i tried restarting my phone to cure this issue and was present with the 34 error code once again..i have just updated PRL and profile once again but i dont think it will help..

    at first i thought it might just be my particular phone, but my brother who just received his evo 3d is now having the same issues..it doesn't seem likely to me that we both just happened to get bad phones with the same issues..could it be related to the airave we use? does anyone have any suggestions? this is very frustrating. i currently have my phone turned off because last time i had these issues my phone ended up spamming the people i was trying to text with 60+ repeat messages...
  7. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    sure you could both have a defective radio. these handsets are mass produced so lemons will crop up.

    saying that, i would just take the handset into the store. the techs have equipment to measure things under the hood.

    i take it you uh ave factory reset you device and you dont have the handset rooted or such.

    are there any programs that manipulate sms/mms messages on the handset?

    your issues are rare however i have seen some mentioned years ago...
  8. TheFrigz

    TheFrigz Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the silly question but how do I factory reset my phone?
  9. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    a couple of ways.. however the easiest is you can go to menu/settings SD and phone storage.. at the bottom there...
  10. TheFrigz

    TheFrigz Well-Known Member

    Ok. Is there a way to make sure my contacts and such are backed up before I do that?
  11. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    if you have google checked to backup your settings and such then they will be there once you add your gmail account.

    its part of the Google Experience.. :D

    if you look on your handsets contacts and look on gmails contacts, they should match up. further, most of your apps will be backed up also. wallpapers, and such things..
  12. TheFrigz

    TheFrigz Well-Known Member

    Is it relevant to mention that we use an airave in our house?

    EDIT-I've been reading up and apparently a lot of EVO 4G users were having trouble with their Airaves..seems strange that it wouldnt be fixed for the 3D, and also strange that both my parents who purchased EVO 4Gs just recently havent had these issues..then again it's possible that they don't text often enough to notice.
  13. TheFrigz

    TheFrigz Well-Known Member

    Sorry for double post, but I felt it was necessary to bring this post up to see if my latest theory was any good. I've just been reading about how the Airvana has been causing issues with people's EVOs, and my brother and I believe that it has affected us and not our parents because our parents are infrequent texters. I have since unplugged my Airvana and am experimenting with having the issues with it unplugged, unfortunately unplugging the Airvana also causes a noticable drop in signal strength in my house which is also not so good for texting.

    So in short, it seems I can

    A) Keep the Airvana plugged in, have good reception for receiving messages but always run the risk of having an error pop up and spam my friends with 50+ messages

    B) Keep the Airvana unplugged, not have to worry about errors spamming my friends, but have to worry about not receiving messages in a timely manner due to averaging 1 bar of service, OR

    C) Call Sprint Tech Support and tell them to get their shit together, this Airvana issue has been known since at least October 2010 and the fact that it hasn't been addressed by now is appalling to me. There should definitely be a way for me to get the boosted signal from the Airvana without it affecting my ability to send text messages. There's no reason I shouldn't be able to have both.
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  14. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Handcent has the option to not spam resend on reboot (a known issue) and you can set sent notification and Handcent traffic reports.

    Don't know if you're already trying it or not. I like option C but I'm also a realist and kinda dubious about such things.
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  15. TheFrigz

    TheFrigz Well-Known Member

    thank you for bringing that to my attention, i will look into that app tomorrow :)
  16. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    there have been issues i have read with airave's and airvanas however let me tell you I have had both versions and received both when they were shipping. currently im using the second gen airvana and i have zero issues with anything. i had the 4G and had no issues. i dont feel the problem is widespread however when people post on the internet it can look that way. there are thousands of these units out in the wild.

    still, i do see SOME people do have issues and i wonder what it could be? could it be the GPS that is not sending the proper info? could those femtocels be lemons? just weird...:(

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  17. AndroidMax

    AndroidMax Well-Known Member

    I've sent dozens of text messages with no issues. Video, Photo, etc. Today, out of the blue, I am getting: The message could not be delivered due to a temporary network setup error. Please try later. Error 2128.

    Sprint tells me the text server is down everywhere? fixed in one to two hours? Anyone else getting this?
  18. shawsker

    shawsker Member

    Yes - getting same thing just now. Last week my phone did similar to start of this thread and Sprint tech basically reconfigured some phone settings again and was fine...even after three PRL updates.
  19. acipollo

    acipollo Well-Known Member

    Something was wrong on the network side. It's fixed now.
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  20. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

  21. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    I had the same error code described in the topic's title on my Sprint HTC Hero today. That was when the text messaging outage was occurring.

    I think the two are unrelated though. It seems like an ongoing issue for some people, while the outage today only lasted about an hour at most for me.
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  22. Rofflecakes

    Rofflecakes Member

    I recently called and had them send me an Airave. The first day I plugged it in, I started to get the same errors. I unplugged it, and the problem stopped. However, restarting the phone usually fixes it for a while as well. One of my friends got mad at me because the message that he got 25+ times was me teasing him about something, and he thought I was just being rude, which I found kind of funny. I've come across this issue 3-4 times since I got the Airave, and it never occurs when I am not at home, so it seems to me that this could definitely be the cause.
  23. Rofflecakes

    Rofflecakes Member

    Ok, this is definitely an issue with my Airave. I plug it in, text for a while, and then I get the error and spam whoever I was messaging with the same message. I unplug the airave, and no problems for numerous days. Soon as I plug it back in, I get the error within an hour and have to do the same thing.

    I haven't seen any specific fixes for this. I don't have any problems with phone calls like I've seen other people mention, just this texting error. It's quite annoying. I am fortunate enough that I don't REALLY need the airave to use my phone at home. I just got it because the tower near my house went down for a few days and I could only roam. Called and got it for free, so I figured why not. It's still frustrating that I get this error because it is nice to always have full signal strength, as I usually get 1-3 bars.
  24. Brianc0428

    Brianc0428 Member

    I got this off of forum.xda-developers.com

    "I had not installed an OTA ROM and I had read elsewhere about the *228 code and was quite sad when it was for Verizon only, considering those people were having the precise errors I was having.

    I ended up calling into Advanced Tech at Sprint as per someone's advice in the IRC for Evo. Forgot the guy's name, wish I could give him credit here.

    Solution was:

    Edit Mode
    MDN: Should be current phone number. If not, correct it.
    MSID: Should be number AT will tell you you should have. If not, correct it to such. If it already is, change number to some other 10-digit number, commit modifications. Reenter this edit mode by same means and change back to number AT said it should be, commit modifications. It required a reboot for me to acquire service again after changing that number and changing it back, but both SMS and voice now work flawlessly for me. Hell, maybe faster than before!"

  25. Irish_Lax

    Irish_Lax New Member

    I actually had the same problem once I got my Airvana and set it up. Sprint never put two and two together, but I linked them today. What was actually happening, and couldnt be fixed but updates, that led me to suspect the Airrave was that my Weather widget was reading that I was in Warner NH when in actuality, I live on Long Island. The problem only occurred when I was within Range of the Airvana. Once I unplugged it, and waited a few minutes, the weather reset itself to the correct location. I had it set to use Network satellites to detect my location. My theory is that the Airvana was causing my phone to think that I was in NH, but being that Im in New York, Id assume that the phone would get confused on the Network tower Signals. I talked to sprint and they said that It could be a problem with the way the Airvana interacts with my service provider for my Internet, since it basically uses the Internet to provide better coverage for your phone. Im going to call my provider tomorrow and see what happens. The 34-2 Code has only come up once since I disabled the airvana, but the message sent out right after and only sent once. Ill post again tomorrow if I notice any difference

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