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  1. Jennaosinski

    Jennaosinski New Member

    please help everytime i go to send a message it says sms error cause code 34 error class 2

    i did a hard reset and it is still happening?

  2. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    Have you tried dialing *228 to reprogram your phone? Just a suggestion
  3. erisuser1

    erisuser1 Well-Known Member

    I'll jump in and suggest you do exactly as jbdan suggests - listen to the voice menu when you dial *228, and select option 1.

    Set your phone down (perhaps you can listen to it on speakerphone) while it is doing it's thing, and leave it alone until the (automated) voice on the phone indicates that programming is complete.

    Then try a text message (send one to yourself for the quickest test!) and report back if this fixes your problem.

  4. danielmihai1

    danielmihai1 New Member

    i have this same problem except my htc eris is flashed to metro pcs. can anyone help?
  5. vsanc12

    vsanc12 New Member

    My Droid is also doing this, it's flashed to metro PCS as well I dialed *228 and pressed 1 and then I talked to a Metro agent and told her that I needed to "Reprogram my phone" and she gave me some simple instructions and told me that it would automatically tell me if it had successfully reprogrammed and it said it didn't but it has seemed to have fixed the problem. I also hard booted the phone.
  6. vsanc12

    vsanc12 New Member

    but I am having trouble with my Internet it seams as the first time I used the wifi it hasn't worked since then.
  7. elizarami

    elizarami New Member

    Thank God for this forum. My phone flipped out this morning (when I needed it most) and I followed the *228 directions and I'm back in business.

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