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  1. balaskandan

    balaskandan New Member

    Phone : Samsung Anycall Galaxy S
    Model : SHW-M110s

    I bought this phone in Korea and now using in India. I've two problems in this model.

    1) 80 Byte only allowing to send.
    2) If i type 1 Character. Its taking as 2 Byte in total count.

    Is it possible to increase 80 Byte to 160 Byte. Anbody having solution? :)

  2. Matt31

    Matt31 Well-Known Member

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  3. balaskandan

    balaskandan New Member

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  4. jeffrey0387

    jeffrey0387 Member

    I have my phone Samsing Anycall Galaxy S and im here in philippines,.. im having a problem with my android market,.. i cant open it coz i already forgot my password,....i cant download on my phone apps or game because of that.... i try to make a new account but the system is still need the old account how can i switch it to my new account sir?...

    by the way i try to remove my old account bu the system said that all of my message and contacs will be erase.. how do i do sir?/

    hoping your reply sir.. thanks
  5. Matt31

    Matt31 Well-Known Member

    Dont forget to push the THANKS button if I helped you :)
  6. Matt31

    Matt31 Well-Known Member

    You should be able to retrieve your password no?
    I am guessing it is linked with your Google account? Go to the Google website and when you go to log in, push the link that says "forgot password?"

    It should take you through the steps and allow you to pick a new password.

    Or you could just create a new Google account and start over.
  7. jeffrey0387

    jeffrey0387 Member

    Sir, I just bought this phone to my friend so i really dont know that information of what google need to get my password,.... and i try to make a new account of google but the system is still need my old account which is i forgot my password,...

    sir do you think i need to remove this account but when i try to delete it the system said that my message and contacts will be deleted also..

    i ask my friend the password of my google account and when i try to logged in the system said that there was a problem with my google account.... i donno what to do sir can you help me out.?

    thansk for your replying sir..
  8. saudulfazal

    saudulfazal New Member

    please help me out i bought a Samsung Galaxy S1 M110s in pakistan but now i m facing 2 probs

    1st: SMS length is 80 char n i cant forword any message though i hav used handicent but this replied with mes not send.

    2nd: after setting my edge/gprs, my gprs is working but its not converted into edge as edge is available in particular area.

    Please help me out coz this phone is useless for me in current cercumstances.....also could i change i9000 rom on that
  9. xsenman

    xsenman Well-Known Member
  10. ahmedbilal145

    ahmedbilal145 New Member

    Samsung Galaxy s Anycall model SHM-M11OS SMS problem Solved...Its easy n simple n jst 2 steps.u will b able to snd upto 180bytes.also u will get rid of senders assistance through skype ab_cadet

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