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  1. havoccontrol

    havoccontrol New Member This Topic's Starter

    Nov 14, 2009
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    Ok here is an odd problem. this weekend I was trying to send a picture message to a friend at 919-606-xxxx ( the numer is correct in my contacts and my DROID shows the message going to the contact) instead the picture went to 330-606-xxxx (last 4 digits are the same) my phones area code is 330. The only thing I can think ove is the SMS messaging or carrier(if its the same carrier) is stripping off the area code and just sending to the exchange/number. Any Ideas around this? I tried just sending direct to the 10 digit phone number and the same thing happend.

    oops forgot to add that the 330-606-xxxx is not in my contact list.


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